Belkin B3 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

the product is warranted for the remaining time of the original
warranty period.
This warranty does not cover defects due to:
1. Adjustments, modications, disassembly or any alteration of the
product done by personnel not authorized by NEXTLINK A/S.
2. Accidents, exposure to liquids and food, moisture, extreme high
or low temperatures or environmental conditions, forces of
nature etc.
3. Variations in functionality when used with other devices, radio in
terference and radio networks, radio range, software update of
the product needed due to changes or functionality of other pro-
ducts like mobile phones, computers etc.
4. Misuse of the product e.g. wrongful installation, breaking covers
and casing by using force, etc.
5. Conditions due to normal wear and tear when using the product
e.g. rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and perfor
mance is gradually reduced over time. Soft Springs broken after
extensive use.
There are no expressed warranties neither written nor oral other
than this warranty. In no event shall NEXTLINK A/S or its vendors
be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any nature