Belkin B3 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Pairing with a Bluetooth
B3 can be paired with up to eight devices. If you try
to pair the headset with more than eight devices, the rst paired
device used least recently will be deleted.
To pair the headset with a device (in OFF state):
1. Hold down the TALK button until the red and blue lights ash
repeatedly. Note: The headset is in pairing mode for 5 minutes.
The rst time the INVISIO
B3 is turned on it will automatically
enter into pairing mode.
2. Use your device’s Bluetooth
menu to search for the headset.
When found, “INVISIO
B3” appears in the device’s list.
3. If the device requests a passkey, enter ØØØØ.
Optimal Performance
For optimal performance, ensure that your mobile phone is worn or
placed on the same side of your body as the headset or within line
of sight.
Make a Call
When the headset is connected, dial or operate the phone accord-
ingly to place the call.
Answering Calls/Hangup/Reject a Call
The headset sounds an alert for incoming calls. To answer the call,