Belkin B3 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

phone or from the mobile phone to the headset.
Voice Dialing
B3 supports voice dialing. Refer to your phone’s own-
er’s manual to set up voice dialing. To use voice dialing, press the
TALK button and then complete your phone’s voice-dial procedure.
To cancel a voice dial, press the TALK button again.
Note: Voice dialing must be supported by your phone in order to
use this feature.
Important safety information. Read this information before using
Do not expose the INVISIO
B3 to direct sunlight or extremely
high or low temperatures for prolonged periods of time.
Do not expose the INVISIO
B3 to open ames, liquid or
moisture, etc.
Do not drop, hit, throw or try to bend the INVISIO
Rough treatment could damage it.
Swallowing the headset could be fatal, keep it away from chidren.
Users are not permitted to change or modify this device in any way.
Changes or modications not expressly approved by the party re-