Audiovox CDM-8200 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Thank you for choosing the up-to-date CDM-8200, our
new model, developed by top researchers to support
the IS-95B system through Qualcom-manufactured
MSM 3100 chips and CDMA technologies. This product
allows for high speed communication services, such as
web browsing and data & fax services.
Among its many advanced features, the T9 input mode
makes it much easier to enter letters into messages and
the phonebook. In addition, the CDM-8200 has many
user friendly features such as:
Full Graphic display of 5 text input line and 1 icon
line with variable font size.
Two-way speakerphone for hands-free operation.
Multilingual (English and Spanish available).
Enhanced for web browsing & data services (i.e.;
wireless internet access, wireless fax send/receive,, Up browser).
This CDM-8200 user guide contains very important
information about how to handle and use the product.
So please read this manual thoroughly. Please make
sure that you don’t drop the phone , apply any physical
impact on, and immerse the phone. And also please
pay attention to the warranty on the back page and be
alert to the exclusions and limitations of your warranty,
which are related with the unauthorized use of