Audiovox CDM-8410 Telephone User Manual

Digital CDMA2000 1X
Handheld Portable Telephone
In today’s fast paced world, it has become a necessity to
have access to real time information.
Your communications tools must provide you with this
access from anywhere at anytime. With that in mind,
Audiovox developed the CDM-8410, a bar type handset
with 4096 colors STN display.
This 1X digital handset enables carriers supporting 1X
technology to provide consumers with access to high
speed connectivity for web browsing, email and mobile
e-commerce. Operating on the 800 MHz AMPS/CDMA
and 1900 MHz PCS frequencies, the CDM-8410 allows
for seamless nationwide coverage as well as offering
state-of-the-art, user-friendly features. Voice activated
dialing and 2-way speaker phone are great for enhanc-
ing hands-free use of this phone. T9
Text Input, vibrat-
ing alert and a 7-line LCD display make the CDM-8410
easier to use.
Your new CDM-8410 provides you with something only
an Audiovox phone can: the proven reliability that has
made us a leading wireless handset provider. Please
take a few moments to read the following pages of the
owner’s manual. It will help you make the most efficient
use of this valuable communications tool.
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