Aastra Telecom BE-3872 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Remote Access
The BE-3872 provides several remote functions, which allow you to access the
answering system functions from any touchtone telephone. The remote function
is ONLY recognized after a correct remote access code is received.
1. When the BE-3872 answers, after the outgoing message has finished, press
* and then enter your two digit remote access code.
2. The BE-3872 will announce the number of messages, and then request you
enter an instruction code or press 9 for help. The answering machine will
begin playing the voice help menu.
3. After the voice help menu begins, you can press the appropriate key to play
back messages, skip backward, repeat messages, skip forward, record
announcements, change announcements, record memos, delete messages,
and/or turn the answering system on or off. See below for more details.
4. If no commands are entered within 10 seconds, the answering system will
beep three times, announce End of remote,and then hang up.
Note: See Setting the Remote Access Codeon page 21 for more information
about remote access codes.
Remote Access Options
When the correct remote code is entered, you can enter any of the commands
Message Playback:
1. While in the main menu, press 8 to play messages.
2. If you wish to erase the currently playing message, press
3. If you wish to repeat the current message, press
4. If you wish to skip to the next message, press
5. If you wish to stop message playback, press
6. When playback is ended, the BE-3872 will announce End of messages.
Recording a Memo Message:
1. Press 6. You will hear Please record your message after the beep. To
stop recording, press *.
2. Say your memo message after the beep.
3. When you are done saying your message, press
* to stop recording.
Recording a Memo
The BE-3872 will allow you to record memo messages up to two minutes long.
The memo will be considered as a new message.
1. To record a memo, press and hold the
Memo] key. The BE-3872 will announce
Please record your message after the
beep, and then beep. The display will
show 1r indicating the phone is in memo
recording mode.
2. While continuing to hold down the [
key, say your memo message. When you
are finished with your memo, release the
Memo] key.
Note: If the memory becomes full during recording, the unit will announce
Memory is fulland the memo recording is ended.
Two-Way Recording
The BE-3872 will allow you to record a telephone conversation onto the
answering machine. The conversation will be considered a new message.
1. To record a telephone conversation, while
on the call, press and hold the [
key. The display will show 2r indicating
the phone is in two-way recording mode.
2. Continue to hold down the [
Memo] key for
as long as you wish to continue recording
the telephone call. When you are finished
recording, release the [
Memo] key.
3. The conversation is stored as a new
message and the new message light will
Note: Recording conversations over the phone may be subject to federal and
local laws. Ask the caller for his or her permission to record the
conversation, or get legal assistance before you record a conversation
with a caller.