Aastra Telecom BE-3872 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Answering Calls with Answer On
To avoid unnecessary pauses due to hangups, and to save message capacity,
your unit will automatically stop recording after seven seconds of silence.
1. When there is an incoming call the announcement will start.
2. After the announcement plays the BE-3872 will beep indicating that the caller
can record his/her message. The maximum length of the incoming message
is two minutes.
3. The message counter will increase by one with each new message received.
Answering Calls in Announce Only Mode
1. When the telephone rings, the BE-3872 will answer the telephone line
depending on the number of rings selected.
2. The announcement will start playing.
3. Ten seconds after the announcement finishes playing, the phone will
Note: In Answer Only mode, no messages will be recorded.
Answer Off
In this mode, the BE-3872 is designed not to answer the phone. However, if you
let the phone ring 10 times, the answering machine will pick up the phone line
and automatically turn on the answering machine. An announcement will
sound, based on the ANS. ONLY/ICM switch setting, and allow remote access.
1. After 10 rings, the BE-3872 will turn the answering machine on.
2. An announcement will start playing. See Answering Calls with Answer On
and Answering Calls in Announce Only Modeabove for more information.
The BE-3872 is a digital (no tapes required) answering machine with approxi-
mately 15 minutes of record time. The maximum record time for one message
is two minutes.
Two-Digit Message Counter Display
When new messages are recorded the message counter on the base will
increase by one.
The counter display also shows various information about the answering
machine and the status of the commands given it:
Base Volume Control
You can use the volume ▲ ▼ buttons on the base to program the base speaker
(message playback) volume.
▲ ▼ either while the phone is idle, or while it is playing a message
adjusts the playback volume.
[02] Message Counter
[EA] Single message
[1r] Memo recording mode
[2r] Two-way recording
[rc] Remote/Time set
[Ao] Answer Only mode
[--] Answer Off mode
[FU] Memory Full
[An] Answering a call
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