Uniden FRS400 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of the Uniden
FRS400 series family radio.This product is a
lightweight, palm-sized radio you can clip on
almost anywhere.Use it at shopping malls,
amusement parks, or sporting events to stay in
contact with family and friends, or in a
neighborhood watch for vital communication.
This compact, state-of-the-art device is
equipped with the following features:
• 14 Channels
• Up to 2 mile range*
• Backlit LCD Display
• Clip-on design
• 50 hours of operation
• Low Battery Alert
• Call Tone Transmission
• Channel Scan
* Range may vary depending on environmental and/or
topographical conditions.
When the batteries in the unit are low, the unit
will emit a low battery tone indication. Replace
the batteries immediately to continue using the
Choosing a Channel
Your radio has 14 channels you can use to talk
to others.In order to speak to someone, each
of you must be set to the same channel.
To choose a channel:
Press the s or t button to increment or
decrement the channel number displayed.
Talking on Your Radio
To talk to others using the radio:
1) Press and hold the PTT button and speak
in a clear, normal voice about 2-3 inches
away from the microphone.To avoid cutting
off the first part of your transmission, pause
slightly after pressing the PTT button before
you start talking.
2) When you are finished speaking, release
the PTT button.
Transmitting a Call Alert Tone:
Press the call button to send an alert tone to
others in your party.The tone will automatically
be transmitted for a fixed length of time.
Channel Scan Feature
Your FRS400 radio has a channel scan feature
that allows you to easily scan all 14 channels.
When an active channel is detected, the unit
will pause on that channel until the channel is
clear.Then after a 4 second delay, the unit will
continue scanning.Pressing PTT while the
scan is paused on a channel will allow you to
transmit on that channel.
To turn on channel scanning:
Press and hold either the s or t button until
the SCAN icon on the display is shown.The
channel number on the display will rapidly
cycle through the channels.
To turn off channel scanning:
Press the s or t button or any key until the
SCAN icon on the display is off.
LCD Backlight
The LCD backlight will automatically be turned
on with any key press.The LCD display will be
illuminated for 5 seconds before turning off.
Your FRS400 radio uses 3 AA Alkaline
batteries (not included) for power.We recom-
mend using Duracell Ultra alkaline batteries.
To install the batteries:
1) Make sure your radio is off.
2) Remove the battery compartment door by
sliding it down from the unit.
3) Install 3 AA Alkaline batteries (not
included) into the battery compartment. Be
certain to follow the + and - symbols in the
compartment. Installing the batteries incor-
rectly will prevent the unit from operating.
4) Replace the battery compartment door by
pushing it up until it is secure.
In order to get the most out of your new radio,
read this reference guide completely before
attempting to operate the unit.
Turning the Radio On and Adjusting
the Volume
1) Rotate the on/off/volume control clockwise
to turn the unit on and increase the speak-
er volume
2) Rotate the on/off/volume control counter-
clockwise to decrease the speaker volume
and turn the unit off.
Adjusting the Sound (Key Beeps)
Your radio emits a beep each time one of the
buttons is pressed.To turn this sound off, press
call while turning on the radio.To turn
this sound on, press call while turning on the
radio again.
In order to get the most out of your
new radio, read this guide completely
before attempting to operate the unit.
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