Uniden UH089 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Preventive Maintenance: The following system checks should be made every six to twelve months:
Check the Standing Wave Ratio (SWR).
Inspect the tightness of all electrical connections.
Inspect the antenna coaxial cable for wear or breaks on the shielding.
Inspect the tightness of all screws and other mounting hardware.
Troubleshooting: Should the unit malfunction or perform poorly, follow these procedures:
If the transceiver is completely inoperative...
Check the power cord and fuse.
If there is trouble with receiving...
Check the VOLUME control setting. Be sure the SQUELCH is adjusted properly. Possibly the radio is over-
If there is trouble with transmitting...
Check that the transmission line (coaxial cable) is securely connected to the ANTENNA connector.
Check that the antenna is fully extended for proper operation.
Check that all transmission line (coaxial cable) connections are secure and free of corrosion.
The Uniden UH-089 is designed to provide you with years of trouble free service. Its rugged components and
materials are capable of withstanding harsh environments.
We are certain that you will enjoy your UH-089. Please read this Operating Manual carefully to ensure you gain
the optimum performance of the unit.
Transmit & Receive FM 40CH (UHF-CB, TX Power 5w)
LCD Display with Backlight
Signal Strength Meter
RF Power Meter
Speaker Audio Volume Level Meter
Instant Channel
One touch Instant Channel recalling
Duplex Capability (from CH01 - CH08 per channel)
Group Scan and Priority Channel Watch
Open Scan
Scan Channel Memory On/Off separately with Open
Scan, Group Scan.
Open Scan and Group Scan
Rotary Channel Select
Busy Channel Lock-out Function
Roger Beep Function On/Off (VOX Mode Only)
2 Different Ring Tones
38 Built-in CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System)
codes that are user selectable
Variable Squelch Level adjust
Volume Control with Power On/Off Switch
VOX (Voice Activated Function)
10 Steps VOX Mic sensitivity adjustment
Blackening may occur on the Liquid Crystal Display. If the UH-089 has been subjected to extreme
high temperature (above . This is not a fault. Normal LCD operation resumes when the
temperature stabilizes back to standard operating conditions (0 to 55°C).
Memory Backup: A built-in capacitor protects the channels stored in the UH-089 memory
for up to 2 weeks after the DC power cable is disconnected.