Uniden UH037SX-4 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Operation with the aid of a Repeater
Eg. CH1 is being used in your area for repeater use.
Press momentarily. The icon appears.
Press again to deactivate the duplex
operation. UH037SX will return to normal
Your UH037SX has a unique circuit designed to dramatically extend the
life of the batteries. If there is no transmission nor an incoming call within 2
seconds, your Radio switches to the Power Save mode. The Radio is still able
to receive transmissions in this mode.
Press and hold / to lock or unlock the keypad. and keys
remain functional when key lock is on. When key lock setting is turned on,
appears momentarily and will appear when an inactive key is pressed.
The scan function scans all channels and stops at an active channel. When
the signal stops, the UH037SX waits 2 seconds (Drop-Out Delay) before
scanning resumes.