Uniden DSC Two-Way Radio User Manual

3. Select the individual you want to contact using CH and to
select the number from 0 to 9. The number will be entered when
SELECT is pressed, and blinking digit moves to the next digit.
When you enter the last digit, the confirmation screen appears.
SELECT to transmit the individual DSC signal.
Digital Selective Calling is the latest in Marine Radio technology. DSC is
a process of establishing a radio call and has been chosen by the
International Maritime Organization (IMO) as an international standard
for establishing VHF, MF and HF radio calls. Digital Selective Calling
has also been selected as part of the Global Maritime Distress and
Safety System (GMDSS).
This service will let you instantly send a Distress call with GPS position
(when optional GPS receiver is connected to the
SOLARA DSC) to the
US Coast Guard and other vessels within range of the transmission.
DSC will also let you initiate or receive distress, urgency, safety, position
information and routine calls to or from another vessel outfitted with a
DSC transceiver.
See the directory section for instructions on how to setup the directory of
This feature allows the user to contact another boat and to automatically
switch the receiving DSC radio to desired channel.
1. Press
2. appears.