Uniden DSC Two-Way Radio User Manual

Note: You must set the user MMSI in
order to send a Distress call.
Please see page 20 to set the
This feature will allow you to transmit a Distress call.
1. In order to transmit a Distress call,
press and hold
seconds. When DSC appears on the
display, press SELECT to send the
Distress call.
2. The Distress call is transmitted and it
waits for about 210 - 270 seconds for
an acknowledgement from the Coast
Guard before the Distress call is resent.
After the Distress call has been sent,
the Distress alert will sound every other
second. The radio will automatically
change to channel 16, and it also
watches channel 70 in the background
until an acknowledgement signal is
received from the Coast Guard shore
To cancel the Distress call, press
3. If an acknowledgment is not received,
the Distress call is repeated until an
acknowledgment is received from the
Coast Guard shore station.