Aiphone LAF-40C Answering Machine User Manual

The LAF-C Console Master system is a loudspeaker type, single talkpath open voice system. Multiple masters
can be used, along with a large variety of sub station models to create a communication system tailored to the
user's needs. Master stations are available in 20-and 40-station sizes, with or without a handset. For greater
capacity, include a 20- or 40-station add-on selector. Any "LE-" or "LS-" series sub station can be used.
All Call and/or Background Music are optional features requiring additional equipment (BG-10C, PS-1225UL).
LAF-C Console Master Loudspeaker Intercom System
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· Single or multi-master capability
· Commercial grade, durable master station for heavier usage
· Master stations available with or without a handset
· Single talkpath, with push-to-talk operation or handset at master, and hands free communication
at sub station
· Large variety of sub stations available
- Surface or flush mount, with or without privacy (LE-A, LE-AN, LE-B, LE-BN)
- Weather resistant door stations (LE-D, LE-DA, LE-DL)
- Vandal proof sub station (LS-NVP/B, SBX-NVP surface mount box)
· Selective calling to sub stations, and master-to-master communication
· Subs call in with momentary tone and LED, remaining lit for approximately 20 seconds
· Optional All Call (additional equipment required) to call all stations simultaneously
· Equipment used for All Call also allows for background music to be heard through master and subs
· Master is desk or wall mountable. LAF-20CA can be rack mounted in RMK-01 rack mount kit.
LAF-20C can be rack mounted in RMK-03 rack mount kit.
· 20- and 40-call add-on selectors available, with LA-40AS rack mountable with RMK-02.
1. Handset
2. Power indicator
3. Microphone
4. Speaker
5. Terminal Block
6. OFF button
7. Selector button
8. Power switch
9. Voice volume control
10. Call tone volume control
11. All Call button
12. TALK button
13. Occupied LED
15. Directory card
16. Station selector LED
LAF-20CA (pictured)
Type F
92101 0705