Uniden GMR2089-2CK Two-Way Radio User Manual

Channels 15 GMRS/7 FRS/7 Weather
Sub Codes 38 Sub-Audible Tones
104 DCS Codes
Operating Frequency
GMRS/FRS: 462.5500 - 467.7125 MHz
WX: 162.4000 - 162.5500 MHz
Power Source NiMH Battery Pack (BP38) or
4 AAA Alkaline Batteries
Range Channel 1-7 up to 14 miles
(20 miles with Power boost
Channel 8-14 up to 5 miles
Channel 15-22 up to 14 miles
(20 miles with Power boost
Battery Life 12 Hours typ.- NiMH
Battery Pack (5/5/90 duty
Frequency Chart
Ch. Freq. [MHz] Cross Ref. Ch. Freq. [MHz] Cross Ref.
1 462.5625 FRS & GMRS 1 12 467.6625 FRS 12
2 462.5875 FRS & GMRS 2 13 467.6875 FRS 13
3 462.6125 FRS & GMRS 3 14 467.7125 FRS 14
4 462.6375 FRS & GMRS 4 15 462.5500 GMRS 11
5 462.6625 FRS & GMRS 5 16 462.5750 GMRS 8
6 462.6875 FRS & GMRS 6 17 462.6000 GMRS 12
7 462.7125 FRS & GMRS 7 18 462.6250 GMRS 9
8 467.5625 FRS 8 19 462.6500 GMRS 13
9 467.5875 FRS 9 20 462.6750 GMRS 10
10 467.6125 FRS 10 21 462.7000 GMRS 14
11 467.6375 FRS 11 22 462.7250 GMRS 15
CTCSS Chart (Hz)
Code Freq. Code Freq.
oFF OFF 20 131.8
1 67.0 21 136.5
2 71.9 22 141.3
3 74.4 23 146.2
4 77.0 24 151.4
5 79.7 25 156.7
6 82.5 26 162.2
7 85.4 27 167.9
8 88.5 28 173.8
9 91.5 29 179.9
10 94.8 30 186.2
11 97.4 31 192.8
12 100.0 32 203.5
13 103.5 33 210.7
14 107.2 34 218.1
15 110.9 35 225.7
© 2007 Uniden America Corporation
All rights reserved Printed in China
16 114.8 36 233.6
17 118.8 37 241.8
18 123.0 38 250.3
19 127.3
Tone Octal
No. Code
39 023
40 025
41 026
42 031
43 032
44 043
45 047
46 051
47 054
48 065
49 071
50 072
51 073
52 074
53 114
54 115
55 116
56 125
57 131
58 132
59 134
60 143
61 152
62 155
63 156
64 162
65 165
66 172
67 174
68 205
69 223
70 226
71 243
72 244
73 245
Tone Octal
No. Code
74 251
75 261
76 263
77 265
78 271
79 306
80 311
81 315
82 331
83 343
84 346
85 351
86 364
87 365
88 371
89 411
90 412
91 413
92 423
93 431
94 432
95 445
96 464
97 465
98 466
99 503
100 506
101 516
102 532
103 546
104 565
105 606
106 612
107 624
108 627
Tone Octal
No. Code
109 631
110 632
111 654
112 662
113 664
114 703
115 712
116 723
117 731
118 732
119 734
120 743
121 754
122 036
123 053
124 122
125 145
126 212
127 225
128 246
129 252
130 255
131 266
132 274
133 325
134 332
135 356
136 446
137 452
138 454
139 455
140 462
141 523
142 526
DCS Code List
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC
Rules. Operation is subject to the following two
(1) This device may not cause harmful interference.
(2) This device must accept any interference
received, including interference that may cause
undesired operation.
Important: Changes or modifications to this unit
not expressly approved by Uniden could void your
authority to operate this unit.Your radio is set up
to transmit a regulated signal on an assigned
frequency.It is against the law to alter or adjust the
settings inside the radio to exceed those limitations.
Any adjustments to your radio must be made by
qualified technicians.
To be safe and sure:
Never open your radios case.
Never change or replace anything in your radio
except the batteries.
Your radio might cause TV or radio interference
even when it is operating properly.To determine
whether your radio is causing the interference, turn
it off.If the interference goes away, your radio is
causing it.Try to eliminate the interference by
moving your radio away from the receiver. If you
cannot eliminate the interference, the FCC requires
that you stop using the radio.
Hazardous Environments: Do not operate the
radio in hazardous environments. Explosion or fire
may result.Do not operate the radio near
unshielded electrical blasting caps.
Under certain conditions, radios can interfere with
blasting operations and may cause an explosion.
Turn your radio OFF to prevent accidental
transmission when in a blasting area or in areas
posted: "Turn off two-way radio." Construction
crews often use remote control RF devices to set
off explosives.
Care and Safety: To clean the radio, use a soft
cloth dampened with water. Do not use cleaners or
solvents because they can harm the body of the
unit and leak inside, causing permanent damage.
Use a dry, lint-free cloth to clean the battery
contacts. Do not submerge the unit in water.If the
unit gets wet, turn it off and remove the batteries
Dry the battery compartment with a soft cloth to
minimize potential water damage. Leave the battery
compartment cover off overnight to ensure
complete drying. Do not use the radio until the unit
is completely dry.
Important: Evidence of original purchase is
required for warranty service.
ELEMENTS OF WARRANTY: Uniden warrants, for
one year, to the original retail owner, this Uniden
Product to be free from defects in materials and
craftsmanship with only the limitations or exclusions
set out below.
WARRANTY DURATION: This warranty to the
original user shall terminate and be of no further
effect 12 months after the date of original retail
sale.The warranty is invalid if the Product is:
(A) damaged or not maintained as reasonable or
necessary, (B) modified, altered, or used as part
of any conversion kits, sub-assemblies, or any
configurations not sold by Uniden, (C) improperly
installed, (D) serviced or repaired by someone
other than an authorized Uniden service center for
a defect or malfunction covered by this warranty,
(E) used in any conjunction with equipment or parts
or as part of any system not manufactured by
Uniden, or (F) installed or programmed by anyone
other than as detailed by the owners manual for
this product.
STATEMENT OF REMEDY: In the event that the
product does not conform to this warranty at any
time while this warranty is in effect, warrantor will
either, at its option, repair or replace the defective
unit and return it to you without charge for parts,
service, or any other cost (except shipping and
handling) incurred by warrantor or its
representatives in connection with the performance
of this warranty. Warrantor, at its option, may
replace the unit with a new or refurbished unit.
Some states do not allow this exclusion or limitation
of incidental or consequential damages so the
above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
LEGAL REMEDIES: This warranty gives you
specific legal rights, and you may also have other
rights which vary from state to state.This warranty
is void outside the United States of America and
OF WARRANTY: If, after following the instructions
in the owners manual you are certain that the
Product is defective, pack the Product carefully
(preferably in its original packaging). Disconnect the
battery from the Product and separately secure the
battery in its own separate packaging within the
shipping carton.The Product should include all
parts and accessories originally packaged with the
Product. Include evidence of original purchase and
a note describing the defect that has caused you to
return it.The Product should be shipped freight
prepaid, by traceable means, to warrantor at:
WARNING! Read this information before using
the radio. In August 1996 the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) of the United
States with its action in Report and Order FCC
96-326 adopted an updated safety standard for
human exposure to radio frequency
electromagnetic energy emitted by FCC regulated
Those guidelines are consistent with the safety
standard previously set by both U.S. and
international standards bodies.The design of the
radio complies with the FCC guidelines and these
international standards.
Never allow children to operate the radio without
adult supervision and the knowledge of the
following guidelines.
WARNING! It is up to the user to properly operate
this radio transmitter to insure safe operation.
Please adhere to the following:
Use only the supplied or an approved antenna.
Unauthorized antennas, modifications, or
attachments could impair call quality, damage the
radio, or result in violation of FCC regulations.
Do not use the radio with a damaged antenna.
If a damaged antenna comes into contact with the
skin, a minor burn may result. Please contact your
local dealer for a replacement antenna.
Body-worn Operation
This device was tested for typical body-worn
operations using the supplied belt-clip.
To maintain compliance with FCC RF exposure
requirements, Body-worn operations are restricted
to the supplied belt-clip.
For hand-held operation, the radio should be held
1 inch from the user's face.The use of accessories
that do not satisfy these requirements may not
comply with FCC RF exposure requirements and
should be avoided.
For more information about RF exposure, please
visit the FCC web site at www.fcc.gov.
Covered under one or more of the following
U.S. patents:
4,684,870 4,734,049 5,203,015 5,214,789
5,491,745 5,497,508 5,517,677 5,557,606
5,574,994 5,610,946 5,613,201 5,625,870
5,627,876 5,628,059 5,634,196 5,634,205
5,678,176 5,697,096 5,717,312 5,722,070
5,787,345 5,901,341 6,021,326 6,084,861
6,163,691 6,195,415 6,353,730 6,839,550
Uniden America Service
4700 Amon Carter Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76155
(800) 297-1023, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST,
Monday through Friday: 9:00 a.m.to 5:00 p.m. CST,
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (except
Thanksgiving and Christmas).
transmitted when you press d-call in standard
To select a call tone:
1) Enter the menu. Advance through the menu until
CALL appears.The current call tone number
(1-10) flashes.
2) Press or to increase or decrease the
number to the desired call tone. Each tone will
be heard through the speaker.
To transmit the selected call tone, press d-call.The
selected tone is transmitted for a fixed length of
time. Call Tone is cancelled if you press PTT or
Power boost.
Setting Silent Mode
When you turn on the silent mode, all incoming
calls are muted: the radio blinks the display
backlight, the channel indicator, SLNT and call to
alert you to an incoming call. If you do not respond
to the call within 15 seconds, the backlight turns
off, and the call will blink until there is no signal.
The GMR2099 will also vibrate to remind you that
you missed a call. Silent mode is disabled for 15
seconds when you transmit, receive, or press any
other button.
To set the silent mode:
1) Enter the menu. Advance through the menu until
SLNT appears.The current setting flashes.
2) Press to display on SLNT.
Note: To prevent unwanted silent alerts, be sure to
use a Privacy code or group code whenever you
use the Silent mode feature.
You can hear the received voice when you turn on
channel scan and an active channel is detected
even during silent mode.
Missed Call Alerts
If you receive an incoming call while silent mode is
on and do not respond, the radio will turn on the
Missed Call icon. If you are using the Group Mode,
the radio will also indicate the person who made
the call.
The GMR2099 will additionally remind you of a
missed call by vibrating every minute after the call
for 3 minutes.
Key Lock
To lock the keypad:
1) Enter the menu. Advance through the menu until
LOCK appears.The radio displays oF LOCK.
2) To switch Key Lock from oF (OFF) to on (ON),
press .
3) To confirm the setting, press menu/grp.The
radio returns to the current mode.
Note: If you exit the setting mode before confirming
your selection by pressing menu/grp, Key Lock is
set to oF (OFF).
To unlock the keypad:
1) Turn off the radio by rotating
counterclockwise until it clicks.
2) Turn on the radio again by rotating vol/off
clockwise until it clicks.The keypad is unlocked.
Automatic Power Save Feature
Your GMR2089-2CK/GMR2099-2CK radio has a
unique circuit designed to dramatically extend the
life of the batteries.If there is no transmission nor
an incoming call within 3 seconds, your radio
switches to the Power Save mode.The radio is still
able to receive transmissions in this mode.
LCD Backlight
The LCD Backlight automatically turns on when
any key (except the PTT and Power boost button)
is pressed.The LCD remains lit for 10 seconds
before turning off.
Roger Beep
Roger beep is a beep that is sent to notify the end
of transmission (both PTT and VOX transmission).
You can hear the roger beep can be heard through
the speaker when both roger beep and key beep
are on.When roger beep is on and key beep is off,
you do not hear the roger beep, but it is transmitted
to your party.
To turn the roger beep OFF, press and hold
while turning ON the radio. Repeat this step to turn
the beep ON.
Your GMR2089-2CK/GMR2099-2CK radio can
receive weather broadcasts from the NOAA
National Weather Service.When in the Weather
Radio Alert mode, the system functions as it does
in standard mode but also monitors the selected
weather channel for alerts when not
communicating.While using the Weather Radio,
you are not able to receive GMRS communications.
1) To turn on the Weather Radio Broadcast mode,
press wx/alert. WX appears.
2) Press ch tone/scn, then press or to
increase or decrease the number to the desired
Weather Channel.
3) To exit the Weather Radio Broadcast mode,
press wx/alert. WX disappears.
To change the channel continuously, press and
hold or for more than 1 second.
When in the Weather Radio Broadcast mode,
you can only set the Key Lock from the Menu
Choosing an Emergency/Weather Channel
There are 7 NOAA channel frequencies available
and these frequencies are common between the
US and Canada.You need to know what frequency
is being transmitted in your location.
1) Press and hold wx/alert. appears.
2) When the unit receives a warning signal, it
beeps for 5 seconds. , WX and
channel indicator blink.
3) To turn off Weather Alert, press and hold
wx/alert. disappears.
When Weather Alert is activated, the highest
priority is given to this function. It checks the
weather alert signals every 7 seconds. When
the unit finds a warning signal, it switches to the
warning receive mode automatically.
Weather Alert is activated even if key beep is
turned off.
NOAA Weather Radio Frequency List
Channel 1 162.550 MHz Channel 5 162.450 MHz
Channel 2 162.400 MHz Channel 6 162.500 MHz
Channel 3 162.475 MHz Channel 7 162.525 MHz
Channel 4 162.425 MHz