Samsung GH68-18475A Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Guide No.: GH68- A
03/2008. Rev. 1.0
Do not attempt to charge the headset with anything
other than the adapter provided.
Make sure you have the following items with your
headset: Adapter, User's Guide
Checking the accessories
Put the adapter into the jack on the headset and
into the electrical outlet.
Charge the headset until the red indicator light
turns blue.
Charging the headset
Your headset overview
To turn the headset on, press and hold the Multi-
function button until the blue indicator light flashes 4
times. To turn the headset off, press and hold the
Multi-function button until both blue and red indicator
lights flash.
Turning the headset on or off
Wear the headset on your ear. In general, you will get
better performance when there are no obstructions
(including parts of your body) between the headset
and the phone.
Wearing the headset
Volume down
Adapter jack
Indicator light
Volume up