Philips PDA PDAs & Smartphones User Manual

Use the buttons on
this touchstrip to
access a layout.
Power Button
Scroll Wheel
By pressing and
holding this scroll
wheel for 5 seconds
you enter the
System Settings.
Remote Control buttonsStatus Display
Getting Started Guide
You can find more information on getting the
iPronto up and running and using it:
In the iPronto User Manual
that accompanies the iPronto.
In iPronto Online Help
that you can access via the ‘User Manual’ link
in the iPronto Portal in layout 8.
At http://www
More Information
By tapping button 8
on the touchstrip
you enter the
iPronto Portal.
View Control button
With the View Control button
you enter the Application
Install the Wireless LAN Adapter
Put the Wireless LAN
Adapter in the correct
position until it clicks and
close the cover.
Open the Wireless LAN
Adapter cover by pushing
in the grips and sliding off
the cover in the indicated
Insert the Wireless LAN
Adapter in the socket.
Open the battery cover by pushing the grips
and sliding off the cover in the indicated
1 2
Recharge the Battery
Attach the battery connector to the
provided socket.
Put the right side of the battery under
the provided hook.
Push the left side of the battery down into its place.
Close the battery cover.
4 5
It is best to fully recharge the battery.
The iPronto can be used when it is recharging.
Install the Battery
Lift the stand.
3104 205 3288.2
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