Philips CD245 Cordless Telephone User Manual

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Quick start guide
What’s in the box
Base station for CD240
Power supply2 AAA rechargeable
Battery door
User manual
*You may find in the box the line adaptor delivered separately from the line cable. In this
case, you have to connect the line adaptor to the line cord first before plugging the line
cord to the line socket.
In multihandset packs, you will find one or more additional handsets, chargers with power
supply units and additional rechargeable batteries.
WARNING Always use the cables and batteries that came with your phone.
Quick Start Guide
Line cord*
Connect the base station
Insert rechargeable batteries and charge
Place the base station in a central location near the telephone line socket and electricity socket.
2. Connect the line cord and the power cable to their corresponding connectors at the
back of the base station.
3. Connect the other end of the line cord and power cable to their respective sockets.
Configure your phone (if necessary)
After charging your phone for a few minutes, a Welcome screen may appear depending on
the country where you live. If the Welcome screen appears:
1. Press
m to display a list of countries.
2. Scroll
: to find your country.
3. Press
mOK to confirm your selection.
Set date and time
1. Press m in idle mode, scroll : to CLOCK/ALARM and press mOK, press
mOK to enter DATE & TIME.
2. The last stored date is displayed. Enter the current date (DD/MM) and press
3. The last stored time is displayed. Enter the current time (HH:MM) and press
mOK to confirm.
A validation tone is emitted and your phone is now ready for use.
Insert batteries Charge handset for 24 hours
Telephone CD240

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