Panasonic KX-DT390 Telephone Accessories User Manual

Document Version 2009-03
Model No. KX-DT390
Thank you for purchasing a Digital DSS Console. Please read this
manual carefully before using this product and save this manual for
future use. This manual is designed to be used with your Digital
DSS Console and a Panasonic PBX.
The Digital DSS Console can be used with the following Panasonic
Digital Proprietary Telephones (DPTs): KX-DT333, KX-DT343, and
The Digital DSS Console must be connected directly to the main
Accessories (included)
This telephone comes with the wall mounting adaptor already attached.
To remove the adaptor, refer to step 1 on page 4.
Telephone Line
Cord: 1
Plate: 1 Wall Mounting
: 1
Screws for wall: 2 Screws for plate: 4
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