Mitel 5540 IP Phone User Manual

5540 IP Console
Release 1.0
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Console Components
Softkeys (\F1> - \F0 >)
Softkeys have functions that change with the different stages of call
processing or feature usage. For example, when you call a busy
extension, one of the softkeys becomes an Override key for barging
into the user's call. The bottom half of the display shows the functions
currently available from the softkeys.
Dialpad Keys
Dialing keys: Use these keys to dial telephone numbers.
Ringer Volume Adjustment: Press the keys while the console is
ringing to raise (
) or lower () the ringer volume.
Contrast Adjustment: Press (
) to increase or () to decrease.
Brightness Adjustment: Press and hold . Press (
to increase or (
) to decrease.
Cursor Control keys: Press the to erase digits when
dialing telephone numbers or entering key information.
The other cursor control keys, along with the key, are
used for Customer Data Entry and Maintenance only.
Call Identification
The top line of the display identifies the Source (SRC), or calling party;
the second line, the Destination (DST), or called party.
When you answer a call… For internal calls, the display shows the
name and number of the extension user and the system services and
restrictions (COS and COR) enabled for that extension. For external
calls, the display shows the name of the trunk and its COS and COR
When you make a call… Along with the digits dialed, you see the
same information that accompanies an incoming call. For internal calls,
you also see the status of the extension (ringing or busy), and whether
the extension has Do Not Disturb (DND) activated or messages waiting
Softkey Labels
Display the features and call-handling functions accessible from the
through keys on your keyboard.
Call Waiting Indicator - C/W
The C/W indicator appears on the display when you have calls waiting
to be answered. The number of calls waiting displays next to the
Fixed Function Keys
Cordless Headset Operation
For cordless headset operation, refer to the detailed instructions in the
5540 IP Console User Guide.
Press... To...
answer calls on a “first come, first serve” basis.
complete a call transfer.
clear misdialed numbers.
mute the console ringer, switch to Night Service or
perform other console functions.
access paging equipment (if available).
put a call on hold.
access additional Hold slots.
disallow room-to-room calls in a Hotel/Motel
page extension users through their telephone
see which trunk groups are busy.