Casio EG-800 PDAs & Smartphones User Manual

Quick Start Guide
Stylus Operation
Touch the screen once with the stylus to open items and select options.
Hold the stylus on the screen and drag across the screen to select text and images. Drag
in a list to select multiple items.
Tap and hold the stylus on an item to see a list of actions available for that item. On the
pop-up menu that appears, tap the action you want to perform.
Setting Up Your Pocket PC
1 Load the main battery(rechargeable battery pack).
Be sure to use the AC Adapter to charge the rechargeable battery pack before doing
anything else.
1 Insert the bottom edge of the battery pack into the groove at the bottom of the battery
compartment, and then swing the top of the battery pack into place.
2 Rotate the battery lock clockwise to secure the battery pack in place.
2 Use the AC Adapter to charge the battery pack.
Connect the AC Adapter to the CASSIOPEIA as shown in the illustration.
Charging starts automatically as soon as you connect the AC adapter to the CASSIOPEIA.
The charge indicator is amber while charging is in progress, and turns green when charging
is complete.
An M Type battery pack takes about five hours to reach full charge.
Charging the battery pack also charges the backup battery.
The time required to reach full charge may be longer the first time you charge the battery
pack after purchasing it.
Remove the AC Adapter from the CASSIOPIEA after charging is complete.
3 Press the [Power] button.
Perform the setup procedures to set up your CASSIOPEIA before doing anything else!
Be sure to read the Safety Precautions contained in the
Hardware Manual
before using
Keep this Guide in a safe place for future reference.
Congratulations on your purchase of the CASSIOPEIA. This Quick Start Guide
will help you set up your Pocket PC and familiarize yourself with how it works.
Getting Started
What’s in the Box?
Check to make sure that all the items listed below are included.
Soft Case
Microsoft® ActiveSync® CD-ROM
Pocket PC User’s Guide
is included in digital form as PDF files on the CASSIOPEIA
CD-ROM. See the separate
Hardware Manual
General Guide
About the [Action] Control
Operations can be performed by pressing and rotating the [Action] control.
See Pocket PC online help for information about using the [Action] control with each application. The
text in the online help indicates an [Action] control press operation as “Action,” and an [Action] control
rotate operation as “Up/Down control.”
Pocket PC
4 Perform a Full Reset (Memory Initialize).
1 While holding down the [Power] button, use the stylus to hold down the RESET button
for about two seconds.
This causes the following message to appear on the display screen.
“Proceeding with this operation initializes memory. Press [Action] to proceed or [Record] to
2 Press the [Action] control.
This causes the following message to appear on the display screen.
“Proceeding with this operation deletes all data stored in memory. Press [Action] to proceed
or [Record] to cancel.”
3 Press the [Action] control again.
This starts the full reset operation, which deletes all data in memory.
After a few moments the welcome screen appears.
5 Follow the steps in the Welcome Wizard.
6 When finished, you’ll see the Today screen.
See “Pocket PC Basics” at the back of Quick Start Guide for information about the Today
screen and other Pocket PC Basics.
You also need to install ActiveSync before you can communicate with a desktop computer.
If the touch panel does not respond when you tap it or if nothing appears on the display,
try performing a full reset.
If the message “A problem with memory contents has been found...” appears on the
display, perform a full reset.
See the
Hardware Manual
for information on performing a full reset.
See the
Hardware Manual
for important information about replacing batteries.
Adjusting Display Contrast
Installing ActiveSync to Communicate with
a Desktop Computer
Installing ActiveSync makes it possible for your CASSIOPEIA to communicate with a desktop
computer and perform the following tasks.
Data synchronization for Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Inbox, Channels, etc.
Backup of CASSIOPEIA data
Copying of files between the CASSIOPEIA and a desktop computer
See the ActiveSync online help for detailed information about how to perform these operations.
Installing ActiveSync Using the Cradle
1 After making sure your computer is turned off, connect the
cradle to the USB port of your computer.
2 Turn on your desktop computer and wait as Windows starts up.
3 Insert the ActiveSync CD-ROM into your computer’s CD-ROM
PN411454-001 MO0103-000505B Printed on recycled paper. Printed in Japan
Pressing the [Action] control
performs an operation similar to the
Enter key of a computer keyboard.
Rotating the [Action] control
performs operations similar to the
up and down arrow keys of a
computer keyboard.
Stylus (inserted inside CASSIOPEIA)
Make contrast darker
Make contrast lighter
Increase brightness
Decrease brightness
[Action] + Cursor up
[Action] + Cursor down
[Action] + Cursor right
[Action] + Cursor left
To do this: Perform this operation:
AC adapter terminal
Touch screen
Perform operations and input
data by tapping and writing
directly on the screen.
Power button
Turns power
on and off.
Action control
See “About the
[Action] Control”.
Record button
(Program button)
Voice memo recording is
activated as long as you
hold down this button.
Infrared port
Cursor button
Moves the cursor around
the screen.
Program buttons
Press to launch
the assigned
program. The
programs shown
here are the initial
default settings.
Stereo headphone jack
For connection of a
commercially available
Charge indicator (Amber/Green)
Lights amber when the battery pack
is charging and turns green when
full charge is achieved.
Serial connector
For connection of the
the RS-232C serial cable.
Serial connector cover
Jack cover
Start button
(Program button)
Press to display
the Start menu.
Indicator lamp (Red)
Alerts you to alarms
and warning.
Card slot cover
RESET button
Battery lock
Main battery
(rechargeable battery pack)
Card lock switch
If the inserted card has a lock,
this switch locks the card in
place so it does not come out
Battery Pack
Battery Lock
AC adapter terminal
Charge indicator
AC adapter
USB port
USB cable