Audiovox CE250 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Page 5
Built into this radio are controls to operate an optional 10-disc or 6-disc CD changer.
Please check with your SPS/Audiovox or Prestige car stereo specialist for recom-
mendations of the models that will work with this radio.
Adjustment of audio functions (volume, tone, balance, and fader) operate in the same
manner during CD play as they do for radio/cassette play. The following controls will
operate the CD changer when it is installed and connected to this radio. Refer to the
owner’s manual included with the CD changer for instructions on the installation and
correct loading and use of the CD magazine.
With the CD changer connected to the unit, this button is used to select CD changer
operation. To choose CD mode, press the button until the “DISC” and “TRACK”
indications appear on the display panel. Press the Mode button again to change back
to radio or tape operation.
cl & cm DISC SELECT ( DISC )
These buttons are used to select the desired disc for play. To advance to a higher
number disc, press the “ “ button cl . To return to a lower number disc, press
the “ “ button cm . The number of the disc in play will be shown on the display
This button is used to quickly select the beginning of a particular track. Tap the
Forward Track Select ( ) side of the button or Backward Track Select ( )
side of the button to locate the desired track as shown by the track number on the
display panel.
High-speed audible search to any section of the disc can be made by the Cue and
Review functions. Press and hold the Cue ( ) side of the button to advance rapidly
in forward direction or the Review ( ) side of the button to advance rapidly in the
backward direction.
When the Cue ( ) side of the button is held down and the end of the last track
on the disc is reached or the Review ( ) side of the button is held down until the
beginning of the first track is reached, the unit will enter the Pause mode ( will
flash on the display panel) until the button is released.
Pressing this button will temporarily stop play of the disc (the indication will flash
on the display panel). Press the button again to resume play of the disc from the point
at which it had stopped.
When the Scan button cq is pressed, the “SCAN” indication will appear on the display
panel and the first 10 seconds of each track on the disc will be played in order. When
a desired track is reached, press the Scan button cq again and play of that track will
continue (“SCAN” will disappear from the display panel). The Track Scan mode will
also be cancelled by activating any other disc function (Select, Cue, Review, Shuffle
or Repeat).