Zagg Hangin' Tight Bluetooth Headset User Manual

WARNING: ZAGGaquabuds are waterproof up to 3 meters. ZAGG does
not provide waterproofing or water resistance for your device. ZAGG
is not responsible for any water damage to any devices.
Grasp the ZAGGaquabuds™ by the jack when removing the plug
from your audio device. Do not remove the plug by pulling on the
cord, which could damage yourZAGGaquabuds.
Avoid putting strain on the plug and your device’s audio jack if you
wind the ZAGGaquabuds cord around the device. Do not wind the
cord tightly, which could damage your ZAGGaquabuds.
Be sure to test the different ear bud caps to find the best fit. Optimal
audio quality will come from the best fitting caps.
To create our Hangin’ Tight style, adjust top and middle sliders to
create an opening large enough to fit over your head. Place head
through loop, with ear buds drapedtowards back. Pull ear buds up
and place in ears. Move sliders up or down to createa secure fit and
optimal comfort.
ZAGG does not recommend sharing your ear buds with others for
hygienic reasons.
Congratulations, and thank you for purchasing ZAGGaquabuds™.
Get ready to fall in love with your gadget all over again, thanks to the
amazing engineering and design of ZAGGaquabuds™ – the newest
member of the ZAGGbuds line.
ZAGG launched its flagship product in 2005 in the form of a unique
film designed to protect US Military helicopter blades. This durable
film was then applied to consumer mobile devices to make them
scratchproof, marking the genesis of the ultra-tough invisibleSHIELD™.
ZAGG continues its mission to help people better interact with their
mobile devices.The impressive ZAGGaquabuds™ are innovative
waterproof ear buds. They feature our patented, grounded breaking
design of Hangin’ Tight™ which allows a specific slider configuration
designed to keep the buds around your neck, even when not in use.
The premium length, tangle-free cord is covered with invisibleSHIELD™
material for unbeatable cord strength & durability.
ZAGGaquabuds are not just another pair of ear buds. They are water
proof up to 3 meters and as tough as your nearest competitor. Their
design is uniquely crafted for extreme use. From all weather running
to winter sports to watersports, ZAGGaquabuds are up to the challenge.
The only question left: are you?
Our mission is to protect, personalize and enhance the mobile
experience. Visit us at for a comprehensive look at
our extensive product line.
YOUR ZAGGaquabuds™
STEP 1. Move top and middle sliders to create a space
ample enough to place over your head.
STEP 2. Place head through loop, with ear buds draping
down back.
STEP 3. Pull ear buds up around head and insert into ears
STEP 4. Adjust sliders to create custom fit.