USRobotics USR819602 IP Phone User Manual

Call the world for free!
Skype Solutions
USR 960 2, USR 819 602 & USR 809 602
USB Internet Mini Phone
Call around the world for free with the USRobotics USB Internet Mini Phone.
Designed to work seamlessly with the powerful Skype Internet voice application,
the Mini Phone simply plugs into a USB 1.1 or 2.0 port to provide easy voice
communications to any Skype user worldwide. Integrated HiFi Voice technology
delivers excellent call quality, providing life-like conversations.
Free Calls to Anywhere
Now you can call anywhere for FREE! Simply install Skype software, install
the USRobotics USB Internet Mini Phone and dial/connect to any other
Skype user in the world.
Compatible with Skype
Makes Internet calling as simple and comfortable as standard telephone
Excellent Voice Quality
HiFi Voice technology for exceptional call clarity
Integrated echo cancellation and noise reduction technology delivers life-
like conversation quality
Full-duplex operation eliminates call clipping
Easy to Install and Use
Simple to install – Supports Plug-and-Play
Answer, hang up, and dial calls with the touch of a button
Portable – Easy to carry around, perfect for traveling
Classic hand-set styling for comfortable use, even on long calls
Broad Compatibility
Supports Windows 2000 & XP operating systems
Compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 ports