Uniden FRS440 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Your FRS440 radio uses 3 AA Alkaline batteries for
power.We recommend using Duracell Ultra alkaline
To install the batteries:
1) Make sure your radio is off.
2) Remove the battery
compartment door by placing your thumb at the top
of the compartment, press down and slide it away
from the unit.
3) Install 3 AA Alkaline batteries (not included) into the
battery compartment. Be certain to follow the
+ and - symbols in the compartment.Installing the
batteries incorrectly will prevent the unit from
4) Optional:Your FRS440 radio can be powered using
an optional NiMH battery pack specifically designed
for this model.Remove the alkaline batteries and
install the battery pack by inserting into the battery
compartment. Follow the instructions found with the
NiMH accessory.
5) Replace the battery compartment door by pushing it
up until it is secure.
This unit has a battery level meter on the display to
indicate the status of the batteries.When the batteries in
the unit are low, the battery meter will flash and the unit
will emit a tone.Replace the batteries immediately or if
you are using the optional NiMH battery pack, you must
recharge the batteries in order to continue using the
Congratulations on your purchase of the Uniden RS440
Family Radio.This product is a lightweight, palm-sized
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Your package contains the FRS440 radio, this reference
guide, and a product registration card. You will need to
purchase 3 AA Alkaline batteries in order to operate the
unit.The following optional accessories may be
puchased from your participating Uniden dealer or call
1-800-554-3988 or visit us on the web at
•Earset Mic w/ PTT - #HS2468
•Vox Headset Mic - #HSV2469
•NiMH Battery Pack w/AC Charger and
DC Car Charger - #BPCC240
•Multi Color Grips -
Available at www.uniden.com
Adjusting the Sound (Key Beeps)
Your radio emits a beep each time one of the buttons is
pressed.To turn this sound off, press call/menu while
turning on the radio.To turn this sound on, press
call/menu while turning on the radio again.
Choosing a Channel
Your radio has 14 channels and 38 CTCSS codes you
can use to talk to others.In order to speak to someone,
each of you must be set to the same channel and
CTCSS code.
To choose a channel:
Press the or button to increase or decrease the
channel number displayed.
Navigating through the Menu
To access the advanced features of the FRS440, your
radio has a menu function.
1) To enter the menu, press and hold the call/menu
button for 1 second.
2) Additional presses of the call/menu button will
advance through the menu until exiting to
"normal" operating mode.
3)Other methods of exiting the menu function are:
a. Press and hold the call/menu button for 1 second
b. Press PTT.
c. Wait 10 seconds until the unit automatically returns to
"normal" mode.
Talking on Your Radio
To talk to others using the radio:
1) Press and hold the PTT button and speak in a
clear, normal voice about 2-3 inches away from
the microphone.To avoid cutting off the first part
of your transmission, pause slightly after
pressing the PTT button before you start talking.
2) When you are finished speaking, release the
PTT button.
Transmitting a Call Alert Tone:
Your FRS440 radio is equipped with 5 selectable call
tones that will be transmitted when the call/menu
button is momentarily pressed.
To select a call tone:
1) Enter the Menu.Advance through the menu until
the call icon on the display is shown.The current
call tone number (1-5) will be indicated.
2) Press the or button to increase or
decrease the number to the desired call tone.
Each tone will be heard through the speaker.
3) Exit the Menu.
To transmit the selected call alert tone, momentarily
press the call/menu button.The selected tone will
automatically be transmitted for a fixed length of
Note:Do not hold the call/menu button down as this
will cause the unit to enter the Menu mode.
*Range may vary depending on environmental and/or topographical conditions.
Vibrate Alert for Incoming Calls
Your FRS440 radio is equipped with a vibrator that
can be used for notification of an incoming call alert
from other Uniden radios equipped with the same
To select the vibrate alert:
1) Enter the Menu and then press the call/menu
button twice.The VIBRATEicon on the LCD
display will be shown along with on or off
indicating the vibrate alert feature status.
2) Press either the or button to toggle the
feature on or off.
3) Exit the Menu.
Channel Scan Feature
Your FRS440 radio has a channel scan feature that
allows you to easily scan all 14 channels.When an
active channel is detected, the unit will pause on that
channel until the channel is clear.Then after a
4 second delay, the unit will continue scanning.
Pressing PTT while the scan is paused on a channel
will allow you to transmit on that channel.
To turn on channel scanning:
Press and hold either the or button until the
SCAN icon on the display is shown. The channel
number on the display will rapidly cycle through the
Ambient Temperature Display
Your radio will periodically display the ambient
temperature either in degrees F° or degrees C°.
To change this setting:
1) Enter the Menu.Advance through the menu
until the TEMPERATURE icon on the display
is shown.The letters F or C will be blinking
indicating the selection.
2) Press either the s or t button to toggle
between F or C.
3) Exit the Menu.
Note:Once the radio is turned on, please allow
time for an accurate temperature reading to be
• 5 Selectable Call Tone Alert
• Ambient Temperature Display
• Vibrate Alert for incoming calls
• 7 NOAA Weather Channels
• Optional NiMH Battery Pack
• Optional Headset Accessories
• Channel Monitor
• 14 Channels
• 38 CTCSS Codes
• Up to 2 mile range*
• Battery Level Meter
• FM Radio
• LCD Display
• Countdown Timer
• Channel Scan
Auto Squelch Feature
The FRS440 radio is equipped with an automatic
squelch system which shuts off weak
transmissions and unwanted noise due to terrain
conditions or if you have reached your range
To temporarily disable the Auto Squelch and
monitor the selected channel, rapidly press the
PTT button twice.Press any key to exit channel
monitor mode.The channel will remain open until
the PTT button is pressed.
To re-engage the Auto Squelch, repeat the
double PTT key press.
Automatic Power Save Feature
Your radio has a unique circuit designed to
dramatically extend the life of the batteries.If
there is no transmission within 5 seconds, your
radio switches to the Power Save mode.The
radio is still able to receive transmissions in
this mode.
Countdown Timer Feature
Your radio has a countdown timer which can be
set from 5 minutes to 3 hours in 5 minute
increases.When the timer is running, the
ALARM icon is shown on the display.The icons
around the display provide a visual indication of
how much time is remaining on the timer.
To set the countdown timer:
1) Enter the Menu.Advance through the menu
until the ALARM icon on the display is
shown.The current timer setting will be
flashing on the display.
Note:When zero (0) is displayed, the timer
is off.
2) Press either the s or t button to change
the setting to the desired count.
3) Exit the Menu.The timer will begin
counting down immediately.
Note: If Vibrate Alert is enabled or Key Beep
Tones are turned off, the radio will vibrate when
the countdown timer expires.
Turning the Radio On and Adjusting the Volume
1) Rotate the on/off/volume control clockwise to turn the
unit on and increase the speaker volume.
2) Rotate the on/off/volume control counterclockwise to
decrease the speaker volume and turn the unit off.
In order to get the most out of your new radio, read this
reference guide completely before attempting to operate
the unit.
Your unit has (3) modes of operation.
1) FRS Radio Mode
2) Weather Radio Mode
3) FM Radio Mode
The Weather Radio Mode and FM Radio Mode will be
discussed later.
To turn off channel scanning:
Press any key to cancel SCAN mode.
1) Enter the menu.Advance through the menu, the
CTCSS code on the LCD display will flash.
2) Press the or button to increase or decrease
the code number displayed.
3) Exit the Menu to return to "normal" mode.
Choosing a CTCSS Code
Each of the FRS channels 1-14 may have any one of the
codes 0-38 selected.Code "0" indicates no CTCSS code
selected and your radio can receive a signal regardless
of the code settings of the transmitting radio.