Uniden FRS420 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Your FRS420 radio uses 3 AA Alkaline batteries
for power.We recommend using Duracell Ultra
alkaline batteries.
To install the batteries:
1)Make sure your radio is off.
2)Remove the battery compartment door by slid-
ing it down from the unit.
3)Install 3 AA Alkaline batteries (not included)
into the battery compartment. Be certain to
follow the + and - symbols in the
compartment. Installing the batteries
incorrectly will prevent the unit from operating.
4)Optional:Your FRS420 radio can be powered
using an optional NiMH battery pack
specifically designed for this model. Remove
the alkaline batteries and install the battery
pack by inserting into the battery compart-
ment. Follow the instructions found with the
NiMH accessory.
5)Replace the battery compartment door by
pushing it up until it is secure.
When the batteries in the unit are low, the unit will
emit a low battery tone indication. Replace the
batteries immediately to continue using the radio.
Congratulations on your purchase of the Uniden
FRS420 Family Radio.This product is a light-
weight, palm-sized radio with a unique carabineer
design allowing you to "clip" the radio to almost
anything and carry it almost anywhere. Use it at
shopping malls, amusement parks, or sporting
events to stay in contact with family and friends,
or in a neighborhood watch for vital communica-
tion.This compact, state-of-the-art device is
equipped with many features.
Your package contains the FRS420 radio, this
reference guide, and a product registration card.
You will need to purchase 3 AA Alkaline batteries
in order to operate the unit.The following optional
accessories may be purchased from your partici-
pating Uniden dealer or call 1-800-554-3988 or
visit us on the web at www.uniden.com
•Earset Mic w/ PTT - #HS2468
•Vox Headset Mic - #HSV2469
•NiMH Battery Pack w/AC Charger and
DC Car Charger - #BPCC240
•Multi Color Battery Covers -
Available at www.uniden.com
In order to get the most out of your new
radio, read this reference guide
completely before attempting to
operate the unit.
Turning the Radio On and
Adjusting the Volume
1) Rotate the on/off/volume control
clockwise to turn the unit on and
increase the speaker volume
2) Rotate the on/off/volume control
counterclockwise to decrease the
speaker volume and turn the
unit off.
Adjusting the Sound (Key Beeps)
Your radio emits a beep each time one
of the buttons is pressed.To turn this
sound off, press call/menu while
turning on the radio.To turn this sound
on, press call/menu while turning on
the radio again.
Choosing a Channel
Your radio has 14 channels and 38
CTCSS codes you can use to talk to
others. In order to speak to someone,
each of you must be set to the same
channel and CTCSS code.
To choose a channel:
Press the or button to increment
or decrement the channel number
Navigating through the Menu
To access the advanced features of the
FRS420, your radio has a menu
1)To enter the menu, press and hold
the call/menu button for 1 second
until the CTCSS code flashes.
2)Additional presses of the call/menu
button will advance through the
menu until exiting to "normal"
operating mode.
3)Other methods of exiting the menu
function are:
a.Press and hold the call/menu
button for 1 second again.
b. Press PTT.
c. Wait 10 seconds until the unit
automatically returns to "normal"
Choosing a CTCSS Code
Each of the FRS channels 1-14 may
have any one of the codes 0-38 select-
ed. Code "0" indicates no CTCSS code
selected and your radio can receive a
signal regardless of the code
settings of the transmitting radio.
1)Enter the menu. The CTCSS code
on the LCD display will flash.
2)Press the or button to incre-
ment or decrement the code number
3)Exit the Menu to return to "normal"
•14 Channels
•38 CTCSS Codes
•Up to 2 mile range*
•LCD Display
•5 Selectable Call Tone Alerts
•Vibrate Alert for incoming calls
•Channel Scan
•Channel Monitor
•Audible Low Battery Indicator
•Optional Headset Accessories
•Optional NiMH Battery Pack
Talking on Your Radio
To talk to others using the radio:
1)Press and hold the PTT button and
speak in a clear, normal voice
about 2-3 inches away from the
microphone.To avoid cutting off the
first part of your transmission,
pause slightly after pressing the
PTT button before you start talking.
2)When you are finished speaking,
release the PTT button.
Press the call/menu button to send an
alert tone to others in your party.The
tone will automatically be transmitted
for a fixed length of time.
Transmitting a Call Alert Tone:
Your FRS420 radio is equipped with 5
selectable call tones that will be
transmitted when the call/menu button
is momentarily pressed.
To select a call tone:
1)Enter the Menu and then press the
call/menu button once.The letters
CA will show on the display along
with the current call tone number
2)Press the or button to
increment or decrement the num-
ber to the desired call tone. Each
tone will be heard through the
3)Exit the Menu.
To transmit the selected call alert tone,
momentarily press the call/menu but-
ton.The selected tone will automatical-
ly be transmitted for a fixed length of
Note: Do not hold the call/menu but-
ton down as this will cause the unit to
enter the Menu mode.
*Range may vary depending in environmental and/or topographical conditions.