Uniden GMRS750 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Choosing a Channel
Your radio has 22 channels and 38 CTCSS codes
you can use to talk to others.In order to speak to
someone, each of you must be set to the same
channel and CTCSS code.
To choose a channel:
With the radio in "Normal" operating mode press
chan/scan + or key to increase or decrease
the channel number displayed.
Note: FRS Channels 8-14 have an expectancy
range of up to 2 miles.GMRS channels 1-7, 15-22
have an expectancy range of up to 5 miles and up
to 7 miles by pressing the Power boost key.
Choosing a CTCSS Code
Each of the channels 1-22 may have any one of
the codes, OFF or 1-38 selected.Code
indicates no CTCSS code selected and your radio
can receive a signal regardless of the code settings
of the transmitting radio.
1) Enter the Menu.The CTCSS code on the LCD
display will flash.
2) Press the chan/scan + or key to increase or
decrease the code number displayed.You can
also select (off) at this stage.
3) Exit the Menu to return to “Normal” mode.
Talking on Your Radio
To talk to others using the radio:
1) Press and hold the
PTT button and speak in a
clear, normal voice about 2-3 inches away from
the microphone.While you are transmitting, the
icon will appear on the display.To avoid
cutting off the first part of your transmission,
pause slightly after pressing the PTT button
before you start talking.
2) When you are finished speaking, release the PTT
button.You can now receive incoming calls.While
receiving, the icon will appear on the display.
Note: When you press the Power boost key, boost
and tx icon appear on the display.The radio will
transmit Maximum Power when a GMRS channel is
selected.After one minute past when the boost
transmission is established, the transmission stops
automatically, and you will hear a boost time out
error tone.
Voice Operated Transmission/Confirmation Tone
Your GMRS750 radio is equipped with a user
selectable Voice Operated Transmitter (VOX) that
can be used for automatic voice transmissions.The
VOX feature is designed to be used with a headset
with a microphone (included).Transmission is
initiated by speaking into the remote microphone
* Range may vary depending on environmental and/or topographical conditions.
Power Boost key for Maximum
38 CTCSS Codes
Up to 7 Mile Range*
Internal VOX Circuitry
5 Selectable Call Tone Alerts
Backlit LCD Display
Headset Accessory
4 DuraCell Ultra AAAlkaline
Batteries included
1 Antenna
2 PTT (Push-To-Talk) Button
3 Power Boost Key
4 Select/ (power) Key
5 Vol (volume) Up Key
6 Vol (volume) Down Key
7 WX/Alert Key
8 Call Key
9 Headset Jack
10 Speaker
11 Chan(Channel)/scan + (up) Key
12 Chan(Channel)/scan (down) Key
13 Mon (monitor) Key
14 Mic
15 Scan Indicator
16 Channel Indicator
17 VOX Indicator
18 Volume Setting Indicator
19 Weather Indicator
20 Weather Alert Indicator
21 GMRS/FRS Indicator
22 Battery Level Meter
23 Keypad Lock Indicator
24 rx (receive) Indicator
25 tx (transmit) Indicator
26 Boost Indicator
27 Call Indicator
28 CTCSS Indicator
Congratulations on your purchase of the Uniden
GMRS750 (General Mobile Radio Service) radio.
This product is a lightweight, palm-sized radio.
Use it at sporting events to stay in contact with
family and friends, hiking, skiing, outdoors, or in
a neighborhood watch for vital communication.
This compact, state-of-the-art device is equipped
with many features.
The GMRS750 radio operates on the General
Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) frequencies which
require a Federal Communication Commission
license to operate. For licensing information and
application forms,visit the FCC online at:
www.fcc.gov/wtb/uls or call the FCC hotline at
1-800-418-3676. If you have any questions you
can contact the FCC direct at 1-888-225-5322.
Your GMRS750 radio uses 4 AA alkaline batteries.
If alkaline batteries are used, we recommend using
high quality alkaline batteries.
To install the 4 AA alkaline batteries:
1) Make sure your radio is OFF.
2) Open the battery compartment door by sliding
the catch on the bottom of the radio.Then,
remove the battery holder.
3) Pull up the tab on the battery holder to open the
battery compartment cover.
In order to get the most out of your new radio, read
this reference guide completely before attempting to
operate the unit.
Turning the Radio On and Adjusting the Volume
1) Press and hold the select/ key to turn the unit
ON, and increase the speaker volume by
pressing the vol + key.To decrease the volume,
press the vol key.
2) Press and hold the select/ key again to turn
the unit OFF.
Adjusting the Sound (Key Beeps)
Your radio emits a beep each time one of the
buttons or keys (except for the PTT button, Power
boost key and call key) are pressed.To turn this
sound OFF, press and hold call while turning ON
the radio.Repeat this step to turn the sound ON.
Navigating through the Menu
To access the advanced features of the
GMRS750, your radio has a Menu function.
Transmit Confirmation
Headset Jack
Battery Level Meter
Channel Monitor
Channel Scan
Keypad Lock
7 Emergency / Weather
Emergency / Weather
This unit has a battery level meter on the display to
indicate the status of the batteries.When the
batteries in the unit are low, the battery level meter
icon will flash.Replace the alkaline
batteries immediately.
1) To enter the Menu, press the select/ key.
2) Additional presses of the select/ key will
advance you through the Menu until exiting to
"Normal" operating mode.
3) Other methods of exiting the Menu function are:
a.Press and hold the select/ key again.
b.Press PTT, boost, mon, vol +/, or call.
c.Wait 10 seconds until the unit automatically
returns to Normalmode.
Note: Only the Key Lock menu is available when it
is in the Weather Radio Broadcast mode.
instead of pushing the PTT button.A beep tone will
be heard to indicate the transmission has stopped.
Note: When the VOX feature is enabled ,the
GMRS750 will emit a confirmation tone to indicate
the end of transmission.While the Headset jack
cover is open, it does not meet JIS4 waterproof.
To select the VOX level:
1) Enter the Menu.Advance through the Menu until
vox icon appears on the display.The current
level (off, 1-4) will be indicated.Level
disables VOX, while levels -
set the sensitivity of the VOX circuit.
2) Press either the chan/scan + or key to the
desired VOX sensitivity level.Use level 4 for
increased sensitivity to voice in normally quiet
environments, and use a lower level to reduce
undesired activation in very noisy environments.
3) Exit the Menu.
Transmitting a Call Tone
Your GMRS750 radio is equipped with 5 selectable
call tones that will be transmitted when the call key
is pressed.
To select a call tone:
1) Enter the Menu.Advance through the Menu until
call icon is shown on the display.The
current call tone number ( - ) will be
2) Press the chan/scan + or key to increase or
decrease the number to the desired call tone.
Each tone will be heard through the speaker.
3) Exit the Menu.
To transmit the selected call tone, press the call
key.The selected tone will automatically be
transmitted for a fixed length of time.
Channel Scan Feature
Your GMRS750 radio has a channel Scan feature
that allows you to easily Scan all 22 channels.
When an active channel is detected, the unit will
pause on that channel until the channel is clear.
Then after a 2 second delay, the unit will continue
scanning.Pressing the
PTT button or the Power
boost key while the Scan is paused on a channel
will allow you to transmit on that channel.
To turn ON channel scanning:
Press and hold either the
chan/scan + or key
until the scan icon is displayed.The channel
number on the display will change as the radio
rapidly cycles through the channels.
To turn OFF channel scanning:
Press the select/ ,
call, the Power boost key,
wx/alert key, or the PTT button.
Normal NormalCTCSS VOX Level Call Tone Key Lock
off, 1-38 off, 1-4
Keypad Lock
To Lock the keypad:
1) Enter the Menu.Advance through the Menu until
the Keypad Lock icon the icon appears on
the display.The current key Lock status (OFF)
blinks on the display.
2) To switch the key Lock mode from OFF to ON,
press the chan/scan + key.
3) To confirm the setting, press the select/ key.
The radio returns to the "Normal" mode.
Note: If you exit the setting mode before confirming
your selection by pressing the select/ key, the key
Lock setting will be set to OFF.
To Unlock the keypad:
1) Press and hold the select/ key to turn the unit
2) Press and hold the select/ key again to turn
the unit ON.The keypad is unlocked.
Note: Key Lock is automatically canceled when WX
alert is decoded.
Automatic Power Save Feature
Your GMRS750 radio has a unique circuit designed
to dramatically extend the life of the
If there is no transmission nor an incoming call
within 3 seconds, your radio switches to the Power
Save mode.The radio is still able to receive
transmissions in this mode.
LCD Backlight
The LCD backlight will automatically turn ON when
any key (except the PTT button or the Power boost
key) is pressed.The LCD display will illuminate for
10 seconds before turning OFF.
Monitor Mode Feature
Your GMRS750 radio allows you to listen for weak
signals on the current channel at the press of a key.
To turn ON the monitor mode:
Press the
mon key for brief listening, the
icon will blink.
Press and hold the
mon key for 2 seconds for
continuous listening.The receiver circuit will stay
open, and letting in both the noise & weak
To turn OFF monitor mode:
Press the
mon key to return to "Normal" mode,
and the icon stops blinking.
4) Install the 4 AA alkaline batteries (included) into
the battery compartment. Be certain to follow the
+ and symbols in the compartment.Installing
the batteries incorrectly will prevent the unit from
5) Replace the battery compartment cover.
6) Insert the battery holder into the radio until it
7) To make sure that the battery pack is secure
after installation, press up on the catch until it
Pull up
The Uniden GMRS750 Radio meets the stringent JIS4 waterproof specification.
You are encouraged to thoroughly read the rest of this Operating Guide to
acquaint yourself with the characteristics and operation of your transceiver so
that you can contribute to the longevity of your investment.
Features, specifications, and availability of optional accessories are all subject
to change without notice.
Note: GMRS750 meets JIS4 requirements.
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