Toshiba CIX670 IP Phone User Manual

Model Strata CIX670
Capacities 264 trunks or 560 endpoints and combinations up to 672 total.
Rack-mount Chassis Base Cabinet Expansion Cabinet (maximum 6)
Measurements Width Height Depth Weight Width Height Depth Weight
483 mm 267 mm 358 mm 10 kg 483 mm 267 mm 358 mm 10 kg
19 in. 10.5 in. 14 in. 22 lbs. 19 in. 10.5 in 14 in. 22 lbs.
Wall/fl oor-mount Chassis Base Cabinet Expansion Cabinet (maximum 6)
Measurements Width Height Depth Weight Width Height Depth Weight
673 mm 295 mm 262 mm 14 kg 673 mm 249 mm 262 mm 13.1 kg
26.5 in. 11.6 in. 10.3 in. 31 lbs. 26.5 in. 9.8 in 10.3 in. 29 lbs.
Power Supply Unit (PSU) Initially Built-in (one per cabinet).
Primary AC Power Input AC 120VAC, 208VAC, or 240VAC, 4.0 amps maximum.
AC Frequency Single-phase (48Hz - 62Hz).
180 watts per cabinet (maximum).
Power Backup Two or four 12VDC external batteries (80 ampere-hours max.) with built-in charger can provide power
backup operation for 2 - 29 hours depending upon confi guration (batteries optional).
Chassis Installation 19” Rack-mount, Wall-mount, or Floor-mount.
Compliance Safety: UL
EMC: FCC Part 15 Class A (Subpart A)
HAC and Volume Control: FCC Part 68
Network safety: TIA-968-2-A
FCC Registration PBX: CJ6MUL-35934-PF-E
Hybrid: CJ6MUL-35933-MF-E
Key: CJ6MUL-35932-KF-E
Operating Temperature 32~104° F (0~40° C)
Operating Humidity 20~80% Relative humidity without condensation
Storage Temperature -4~140° F (-20~60° C)
Voice Mail Compatibility Strata Media Application Server, Stratagy® ES, iES32, iES16, LVMU
The Communication System that
Grows with Your Business
The Strata® CIX™670 unifi es, coordinates, and streamlines all your
communications with comprehensive solutions for your full range
of telecommunication needs. Add valuable options like Voice Mail/
Auto Attendant/Unifi ed Messaging, Automatic Call Distribution,
Voice Over Internet Protocol, Strata Net multiple system networking,
FeatureFlex® adaptability/customization tools, and more to
improve your business’s overall productivity and customer service.
Modular in architecture, scalable in design, networkable with other
systems, the Strata CIX670 gives you incredible capabilities today—
and the ability to build out your system as you grow. Expand up to
560 telephones—and even more by networking multiple systems.
Share vital information and functionality between your main
office, branch offices, and remote locations to achieve all your
business goals.
Strata CIX670