Toshiba IVP8 IP Phone User Manual

Big Voice Processing for Small Business
Managing voice message processing is a key component of your
telephone system. The Stratagy® IVP8 voice processing system
integrates with the Strata® CIX™ business communication system
to provide:
Automated Attendant to answer incoming calls
Call Routing to direct calls to the person or department the
caller wants
Telephone Answering to take messages when an employee
is unavailable
Voice Messaging to create, send, receive, forward, and save
voice messages
Audiotext to play pre-recorded information on demand
Call Screening to announce the calling party
Message Notifi cation to let users know when a voice
message arrives
Unlimited Mailboxes to accommodate as many as your
application requires
Stratagy voice processing gives you the ability to:
Simplify voice mailbox operation through an intuitive
user interface
Record calls directly into your voice mailbox with a single
button on your telephone
Communicate effectively both in and out of the offi ce
with other employees and customers 24 hours-a-day,
365 days-a-year
Customize voice processing functions using Stratagy’s Token
Programming, a powerful yet simple scripting language. Tokens
can add or enhance voice mail features and functions such as
recording and playback, audio fi les, or using DTMF entries by
callers to provide data response or special call routing. Tokens can
perform functions as simple as a hook-fl ash, and as complicated
as an IVR application, specifi c to your needs. Token Programming
is developed and deployed by Authorized Toshiba Dealers.
The Stratagy IVP8 integrates voice message processing on a single
printed circuit card inside the Strata CIX chassis. Because there
is no need for external connections, standard telephone ports, or
separate power backup systems, the IVP8 decreases the cost and
complexity of deploying voice mail applications.
Stratagy IVP8