Toshiba DKT3200 IP Phone User Manual

Value Plus
Extended Warranty
Toshiba Standard Warranty
2 Years
Value Plus Extended Warranty Option 1
5 Years + 1 Month (61 months)
Value Plus Extended Warranty Option 2
7 Years (84 months)
Toshiba’s Value Plus Extended Warranty Plan
Toshiba’s Value Plus™ Extended Warranty plan, provides our valued
customers with the industry’s fi rst extended warranty plan, offering
up to seven years of investment protection and peace of mind.
The Telecommunication Systems Division (TSD) of Toshiba America
Information Systems, Inc. offers products that are known for their
best in class migration, quality and reliability. TSD has a proven track
record of providing many of the industry’s best products and solutions.
The Value Plus Plan, enables you to protect your Toshiba business
communication system’s investment. Value Plus also makes budgeting
and long-term planning simple and easy, by locking in fi xed costs
for hardware component replacement and extended coverage.
What’s Covered
Value Plus gives you the added benefi t of manufacturer’s direct
extended hardware warranty. You can also increase your coverage,
choosing the plan that is best suited for your business.
Value Plus offers two choices, extending your coverage to:
5 Years + 1 Month (61 months)
7 Years (84 months)
The Value Plus Plan assures full-coverage of all your system’s
hardware components registered under the plan including:
Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ family of IP business
communication systems
Certain Stratagy® voice processing systems
The following series of telephones: