Teledex 1000 IP Phone User Manual

Included with the Opal are (one each):
Base unit Coiled handset cord User guide
Handset Clear plastic overlay Line cord
Contact your supplier or Teledex for information on ordering
custom designed and printed faceplates to enhance the look of your
Teledex telephone.
1) Located on the left side of the Opal (as the phone is facing you)
is a modular jack. Insert one end of the coiled handset cord into
this jack (you should hear the coil cord click when properly
2) Insert the other end of the coiled handset cord into the modular
jack on the handset.
3) Turn the telephone so the back panel is facing you. Insert either
end of the line cord into the jack on the back of the telephone
labeled LINE.
4) Insert the other end of the line cord into a telephone wall outlet
5) Once your telephone is connected, remove the plastic overlay
and place the paper faceplate over the keys. Replace the plastic
overlay by hooking the tabs on the overlay into the recessed
slots located on both sides. The overlay is easiest to insert when;
the left or right side tabs are inserted first, and the middle of the
overlay is slightly bowed to allow for insertion of the other tabs.
1) Lift the handset.
2) Listen for dial tone. Dial the desired number, or press an AUTO
DIAL key to automatically dial a number.
3) To end the call, hang up by placing the handset back in the cradle.
An audible ring and flickering red message waiting light will indicate
an inbound call.
1) Lift the handset. The Opal will engage the ringing line.
2) To end the call hang up the handset.
Locate the adjustment control on the back of the telephone labeled
RINGER LOW/HI. Slide the switch to the desired LOW or HI ring vol-
(models Opal 1003/1005/1010 only)
To REDIAL the last telephone number dialed:
1) Lift the handset from the cradle.
2) Press the REDIAL key.
The HANDSET VOLUME key has three levels. When the handset is
first lifted, the handset volume is NORMAL.
Locate the HANDSET VOLUME key below the keypad. Press the key
once and the volume level will increase one level (to MEDIUM vol-
ume). Press the key once more and the volume level will increase an
additional level (to HIGH volume). To return the handset volume to
NORMAL, press the handset volume key again.
The handset volume will always return to NORMAL when the hand-
set is replaced in the cradle.
FLASH KEY (models Opal 1003/1005/1010 only)
Pressing the FLASH key initiates a 600ms hookflash. Typical usage is
to access PBX features like call waiting.
The Opal has programmable AUTO DIAL keys. These keys can be
programmed to automatically dial telephone numbers, or activate
telephone system features.
Programming AUTO DIAL keys:
The telephone must be connected to a telephone line.
1) Lift the handset from the cradle.
2) Press the recessed
STORE key and release it. (Please see diagram on
the next page).
3) Enter the telephone number including PAUSE* as required. The
sequence can be up to 15 digits.
4) Press the AUTO DIAL key where the number is to be stored.
5) Place the handset back in the cradle.
*A 3.6 second pause is entered in a dialing sequence by pressing the
REDIAL key for each PAUSE required.
The following procedure should be followed with all Teledex tele-
phone products prior to sending the telephone to the factory for
1) Please perform the tests listed below:
a. Test the telephone on a different telephone jack.
b. Test telephone with a different line cord.
c. Test with a different handset cord (coiled cord).
d. For two line products, please ensure that one of the line
buttons is pressed (if both line buttons are in the UP position,
the telephone will not operate).
2) If the steps listed above do not provide a remedy for the suspect
telephone, please place a tag on the individual telephone
describing the defect. Next, call the Teledex Repair Department
at 1 (800) 875-8539 for an RMA number. You must have an
RMA number to return products to Teledex.
3) Kindly note: An RMA number is unique to each return
shipment. Do not duplicate this number on any future shipments.
Please print the RMA number clearly on the outside of your shipping
carton(s). Please ship to the following address:
Teledex LLC / RMA#___________
6311 San Ignacio Avenue
San Jose, CA 95119
The Customer is responsible for shipping products for repair to
Teledex. After repair, Teledex will return telephone products to the
Customer freight prepaid in the same manner in which is was sent
(i.e. Freight sent to Teledex UPS Blue, will be returned via 2 day ship-
**Please note: When telephones are returned for repair due to misuse
(i.e. liquid spills, abuse, or Customer modification - warranty label
broken), the Customer will be charged the standard repair fee, regard-
less of warranty status.
The Opal Telephone can be changed for wall mounting applications.
The conversion is easiest when the handset and line cords are not
1) Located on the top of the telephone above the speaker grill is the
wall/desk mount clip. Remove this clip by firmly pushing upward
(towards the hookswitch).
2) Flip the clip over (top to bottom) so that the protruding edge is
towards the top of the phone. This edge will hold the handset.
3) Turn the Opal over so the bottom is up facing you. Place the
Opal on a nonabrasive surface to prevent scratching.
4) Locate and remove the mounting bracket, firmly push back and
pull up to remove two of the four retaining tabs.
5) Rotate the mounting bracket 180 degrees clockwise so that the
mounting eyelet on the bracket is facing in the same direction as
the other mounting eyelet located on the bottom of the telephone.
6) Insert the top two retaining tabs of the mounting brackets into
the mounting bracket slots (located near the middle of the tele-
phone). Then firmly push down to insert the retaining tabs on the
opposite side of the mounting bracket.
7) Connect a short modular line cord into the jack on the back of
the phone (labeled
LINE). Route the line cord thought the line
cord channel. Connect the other end of line cord to the phone
jack on the wall mounting plate.
8) Turn the telephone over, and slide the Opal down onto the
OPAL 1000/1001/1003/1005/1010