Sony DRGA100/VLT Corded Headset User Manual

Stereo headset
“Air-through earpads” for long-term wearing comfort.
Boom microphone design with noise cancelling function.
Light-weight frame structure and design provide comfort for PC gaming.
Convenient volume control and mic muting.
Supported PC models
IBM PC/AT or compatible computer with a microphone input jack and a sound
output jack, or a computer with a built-in sound card.
It is required that the sound card has a power supply for the microphone.
It is required that the microphone input jack and sound output jack are aligned.
This is not compatible with Macintosh computers.
How to use
Connect the (headphone) plug to the headphone jack and connect the
(microphone) plug to the microphone jack (see fig.
Adjust the band of the headset, and wear the earpad marked on your
right ear, and the one marked on your left ear.
There is a tactile dot on the unit marked
to distinguish the left side (see fig.
Adjust the position of the microphone for effective pickup of your voice.
Return the position of the microphone to rest near the earpad when not in use
(see fig.
If the position of the microphone is not correct, the sensitivity of the microphone will decrease, and
sound from the headphone may enter the microphone.
Adjusting the volume level of the microphone
Check and adjust the volume level of the microphone by the computer. For details on the operation of
your computer, refer to the operating instructions of your computer.
Volume control
Rotate upward to increase the volume and rotate downward to decrease the volume (see fig. ).
MUTING button
Press the MUTING button when you want to disable the sound of the microphone (see fig. ).
Cord: 2.5 m (8.20 ft) / Plug: Gold-plated stereo mini plug (for headphone plug), Gold-
plated mini plug (for microphone plug) / Mass: Approx. 170 g (6.00 oz) (without cord)
Type: Open air, dynamic / Driver unit: 30 mm, dome type (CCAW adopted) / Power
handling capacity: 1,000 mW (IEC*) / Impedance: 24 Ω at 1 kHz / Sensitivity: 100 dB/
mW / Frequency response: 14 – 22,000 Hz
Design: Flexible boom microphone / Type: Electret condenser / Open circuit voltage
level: –38 dB (0 dB = 1 V/Pa) / Effective frequency range: 20 – 10,000 Hz
<Supplied accessory>
Operating Instructions (1)
* IEC = International Electrotechnical Commission
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Be careful not to use the headset at too loud a volume level. Otherwise, feedback (a
howling effect) may be heard as the microphone picks up the loud sound from the
headphone unit.
Listening with the headset at high volume may affect your hearing. For traffic safety,
do not use while driving or cycling.
Do not put weight or pressure on the headset as it may cause the headset to deform
during long storage.
The earpads may deteriorate due to long term storage or use.
The validity of the CE marking is restricted to only those countries when it is legally
enforced, mainly in the countries EEA (European Economic Area).
Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic Equipment (Applicable in the
European Union and other European countries with separate
collection systems)
Operating Instructions
Manual de instrucciones
©2010 Sony Corporation Printed in Thailand
Tactile dot
Volume control
MUTING button
To microphone jack (pink)
To headphone jack (black)