SMC Networks SMCWSP-100 IP Phone User Manual

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Wi-Fi SIP Phone
Quick Start Guide
The SMCWSP-100 is a Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g) wireless phone that
enables you to make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls without
using a computer. The phone enables you to use your Session Initiation
Protocol (SIP) VoIP service with complete mobility, allowing you to talk
from any location where you have a network connection through a
nearby access point.
Package Checklist — The SMCWSP-100 Wi-Fi SIP Phone package
includes these items:
One Wi-Fi SIP Phone (SMCWSP-100)
One Lithium-Ion battery
One headset
One mini USB cable
One AC power charger
Quick Start Guide
Documentation CD
Inform your dealer if there are any incorrect, missing or damaged items.
If possible, retain the carton, including the original packing materials.
Use them to repack the product in case there is a need to return it.
Getting Started — After unpacking the Wi-Fi SIP Phone, you must
install and charge the battery pack before turning on the phone. Just
follow the steps in this guide.
Before preparing the Wi-Fi SIP Phone for use, first become familiar with
its main keys, buttons, and other hardware features.
1. LCD Display — Color software menu display.
2. Navigation Key — Four-direction software navigation key.
Pressing the key down selects the current option.
3.Right Soft Key — Negative action key. Cancels or returns to
previous menu.
4. End/Power Key — Ends an active call. Turns the power on and off.
Press for more than two seconds to power the phone on. Press for
more than four seconds to power the phone off.
5. Headset Jack — Jack for headset connection.
6. USB/Power Charge Port — Power charger connection for
charging battery.
7. Alphanumeric Keypad — Includes 0-9, A-Z, *, and # keys. The
[a/A *] key selects upper- or lower-case characters, numbers, or
hexadecimal. The [ 1 ] key selects common punctuation marks
during text input. The [ # ] key selects special characters and
symbols during text input.
8.Send Key — Calls a selected contact.
9.Left Soft Key — Positive action key. Selects menu option.
10. Volume Button — Adjusts volume of the speaker.
Keypad Lock — The phone keypad can be locked by pressing the Left
Soft Key (Options) and then the Navigation Key. Pressing the Left Soft
Key and then the [a/A *] key unlocks the keypad.
Warning: Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type.
Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions.
1. Remove Battery Compartment Cover — Place the phone face
down. Push and slide down the battery compartment cover until it
becomes free.
2. Install Battery — Place the battery into the compartment. Be sure the
text label on the battery is facing out and the battery’s three metal
contacts point to the top of the phone.
3. Replace Battery Compartment Cover — Slide the battery
compartment cover back onto the phone until it clicks firmly into place.
4. Connect Battery Charger — Lift up the rubber cover on the mini
USB charger port and connect the power charger to the port. Then, plug
the charger into an AC electrical outlet.
Push Off
Install Battery
5. Fully Charge Battery — For the first time use, allow eight hours to
fully charge the battery.
Note: For the first time use, please wait until the phone is fully charged
before powering on. When the phone is fully charged, the
symbol is displayed.
After the first-time charge, the battery requires only three hours to
Note: The power charger automatically adjusts to any voltage between
100-240 volts at 50 or 60 Hz.
6. Power On Phone — Push and hold down the End/Power key for
more than two seconds to power on the phone.
Allow 30 seconds for the phone to start up.
Turn to the back page to learn how to make initial settings and start
using the phone.
From U.S.A. and Canada:
(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
(600) SMC-4-YOU
Phn: (949) 679-8000
Fax: (949) 679-1481
From Europe:
Contact details can be found on
World Wide Web:
If you are looking for further contact
information, please visit
38 Tesla
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: (949) 679-8000
Driver updates:
Model Number: SMCWSP-100
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