Samsung GH68-21227A Bluetooth Headset User Manual

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TX 75082
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Guide No.: GH68-21227A
12/2008. Rev. 1.0
Your headset overview
Volume down
Indicator light
Ear hook
Volume up
Talk button
Charger jack
Make sure you have the following items with your headset :
Charger, User guide.
The items supplied with your headset may vary depending on
your region.
3 When the headset is fully charged, the indicator light
changes to blue. Unplug the charger from the power
outlet and the headset.
Use only a Samsung-approved charger. Unauthorised
chargers may cause an explosion or damage to the
The battery will gradually wear out while charging or
discharging because it is a consumable part.
The headset is not able to operate while charging. Try
connecting after charging is completed.
When the battery is low
The headset beeps and the indicator light ashes red.
Recharge the battery. If the headsets powers off during
a call, the call will be automatically transferred to the
Charging the headset
This headset has a rechargeable internal battery which is
non-removable. Ensure that you fully charge the battery
before using the headset for the rst time.
1 Plug the charger into the charger jack on the headset.
2 Plug the charger into a power outlet. During charging,
the indicator light will turn red.
If charging does not begin, unplug the charger and
plug it in again.