Samsung GH68-19212A Bluetooth Headset User Manual

1301 East Lookout Drive Richardson,
TX 75082
Internet Address:
Customer Care Center:
1-800-SAMSUNG number
Guide No.: GH68-19212A
10/2008. Rev. 1.0
Your headset overview
Volume up
Volume down
Talk button
Indicator light
Adapter jack
Ear hook
Depending on which ear you will wear the headset, simply
adjust the ear hook accordingly.
Checking the accessories
Make sure you have the following items with your
headset : Charger, User guide
The items supplied with your headset may vary depending
on your region.
Charging the headset
Put the charger into the jack on the
headset and into the electrical outlet.
Charge the headset until the red
indicator light turns blue.
Do not attempt to charge the headset with anything
other than the charger provided.
You can use your headset while charging.
Turning the headset on or off
To turn the headset on, press and hold the talk button
until the blue indicator light ashes 4 times.
To turn the headset off, press and hold the talk button
until both blue and red indicator lights ash.
Understanding various modes
Standby mode: The headset is waiting for a call.
The blue indicator light ashes every 3 seconds.
Active mode: The headset has a call in progress.
The blue indicator light ashes every 8 seconds.
Pairing mode: The blue indicator light stays lit.
You can discover and connect to your headset on
your phone.
Low battery mode: There is less than 10% of
battery power left. The red indicator light ashes.
You must recharge the battery.