Samsung GH68-17651A Bluetooth Headset User Manual

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TX 75082
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Your headset overview
Charging status light
REW button
Stop button
Sound quality switch
Line-in cable jack
Adapter jack
FF button
Power switch
Indicator light
Talk button
Volume control buttons
Secondary microphone
Primary microphone
Make sure you have the following items with your
headset : Travel Adapter, User’s Guide, Pouch,
Line-in Cable. The items supplied with your headset
may vary depending on your region.
Charging the headset
This headset has a rechargeable internal battery
which is nonremovable. Ensure that you fully charge
the battery before using the headset for the rst time.
1 Put the travel adapter into the adapter jack and
into a power outlet.
The charging status light tunes on red.
2 Disconnect the travel adapter from the power
outlet and the headset when the charging status
light changes to blue.
Use only a Samsung-approved travel adapter
Unauthorized adapters may cause an explosion or
damage to the headset.
The battery will gradually wear out while charging or
discharging because it is a consumable part.
When a call comes in while charging, disconnect your
headset from the travel adapter and answer the call.
Wearing the headset
Place the headset on your ear. Ensure to put the
correct (Left, Right) earpiece on each ear.
Turning the headset on or off
Slide the power switch to turn the headset on.
Slide the power switch
to turn the headset off.
Guide No.: GH68-17651A
04/2008. Rev. 1.0