Revolabs IP 7000 IP Phone User Manual

Revolabs Single Channel System - Polycom IP 7000 Setup Guide
This setup guide will guide you through the steps needed to properly connect a
Revolabs Single Channel System to a Polycom IP 7000 speakerphone.
1. Connecting the Cables
2. Configuring the IP 7000 speakerphone
The Cisco 7937G is a variant of the Polycom IP 7000 and has the same programming
It is important to carefully follow these instructions in order and completely.
Otherwise your Single Channel System and/or the phone may not function properly.
Please read through these instructions completely before proceeding. Contact Revolabs
technical support if you have any questions.
Requirements for connecting systems:
1. Revolabs Single Channel System
2. Polycom IP 7000 speakerphone
3. Polycom SoundStation IP Multi Interface Module (P/N 2200-19300-001)