RCA IP160S IP Phone User Manual

Battery charge level : ok
Batteries need charging
Left soft key:
access to call list
Right soft key:
access to calendar
Navigation key:
main menu/OK key
Left: phonebook
End call
Power on/off
Accept calls
Handsfree mode
Select line
Voicemail key
Hash key:
change text input method
(upper case/lower case)
Star key:
lock/unlock keypad
Mute key:
Right: volume control
Up: redial
Down: intercom
BLF key
Headset modeHandsfree activated
Missed calls
Display icon description
Do not disturb
Alarm onKeypad lock
Good reception quality
Bad reception quality
Ringer off
Call in progress (green)
Call on hold (red)
Call ended (red)
Alternating Amber and Blue
Flashing Blue
Steady Amber
Base led description
Base not yet up or no network connection
DECT registration mode
Software upgrade
Base is connected to network or router
Telefield NA. declares that RCA IP060S telephone complies with the relevant basic requirements and
provisions of the European directive 1999/5/CE. You can download the declaration of conformity and the user’s guide
from the following address:
The CE logo shown on the products indicates that they are compliant with the basic requirements of all the applicable
Declaration of conformity for the European Community
This symbol means that your inoperative electronic appliance must be collected separately and not mixed
with the household waste. The European Union has implemented a specific collection and recycling system
for which producers' are responsible.
This appliance has been designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components that can be recycled
and reused.
Electrical and electronic appliances are liable to contain parts that are necessary in order for the system to work
properly but which can become a health and environmental hazard if they are not handled or disposed of in the proper
way. Consequently, please do not throw out your inoperative appliance with the household waste. If you are the owner
of the appliance, you must deposit it at the appropriate local collection point or leave it with the vendor when buying a
new appliance.
(a) - If you are a professional user, please follow your supplier's instructions.
(b) - If the appliance is rented to you or left in your care, please contact your service provider.
Please help us protect the environment in which we live!
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