Polycom 3726-17369-001 IP Phone User Manual

The SoundPoint IP Backlit Expansion Module boosts telephone
attendant productivity with a vibrant color user interface and advanced
call handling capabilities
The SoundPoint IP Backlit Expansion Module for the SoundPoint IP 650 desktop
phone is an optimal solution for telephone attendants – receptionists, administrative
assistants, secretaries, and other “power users” who manage and monitor multiple
simultaneous telephone calls on a daily basis. The SoundPoint IP Backlit Expansion
Module augments the user interface of the SoundPoint IP 650 phone with a high-
resolution graphical LCD with backlight and 14 multifunctional line keys that can
be set up as a line registration, call appearance, or a speed-dial, direct station select
(DSS) / busy lamp field (BLF)1 key. The backlit display eliminates the need for
external light sources and matches elegantly with the look and feel of SoundPoint
IP 650 phone.
Equipped with a high-performance attendant console, based on the SoundPoint IP
650 IP desktop phone and up to three SoundPoint IP Backlit Expansion Modules,
the telephone attendant can reduce the number of lost customer calls, shorten
transaction times, and increase the accuracy of call routing by promptly accepting,
accurately screening, efficiently dispatching and effortlessly monitoring calls.
The SoundPoint IP Backlit Expansion Module also provides an easy transition from
traditional PBX features and functionality into the world of Voice over IP with its
large, backlit, high-resolution LCD, 14 illuminated multifunctional line keys, and
user-friendly call visualization similar to that on the SoundPoint IP 650 phone.
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SoundPoint IP
Backlit Expansion Module
Turn Your SoundPoint IP 650 Desktop Phone Into
a High-Performance Attendant Console
Increased productivity
TheSoundPoint IP Backlit
Expansion Module provides
advanced call handling
Advanced call handling
Effectively monitor and manage
a large volume of simultaneous
Ease of use – Large, high
resolution LCD with backlight,
14 illuminated multifunctional
line keys, and user-friendly call
visualization provide an intuitive
user interface
Ease of Installation and
Setup – Virtually no installation
or setup is required, as signaling
and powering are provided by
the host phone. It’s plug and
play. Just snap on the Backlit
Expansion Module and it works
Proven – Polycom is a leading
independent supplier of award-
winning standards-based
IP telephones that are fully
interoperable with Polycom
Partners’ IP telephony server