Planet Technology VIP-191 IP Phone User Manual

802.11b/g Smart Wi-Fi Phone
Key Feature
Data Sheet
Based on years of VoIP manufacturing experiences, complete VoIP
solutions of PLANET Technology are known for advanced implementation
of standards based on the telephony with mass deployment capability.
Cost-effective, easy-to-install and simple-to-use, the portable WVoIP
solution –802.11b/g Smart Wi-Fi Phone, VIP-191, a smart mobile phone
that unleashes your voice communications free from wire.
The VIP-191 Smart Wi-Fi Phone extends the convenience of wireless
connection and provides the friendly graphical LCD user interface,
802.11b/g compatibility and usage of the power of Windows Mobile
system. It combines a smarter phone with wireless email and messaging,
built-in web browser and media player capabilities.
The VIP-191 is able to access the Internet Explorer and E-Mail when it
connects wireless access point around the world. For allowing users to use
the MSN Talk / Text messages service and calling anyone anywhere in the
world, the VIP-191 is ideal for the enterprises and SOHO users to offer toll-
quality voice communication services via the existing WLAN network or
Internet access in daily routine communications.
Product Features
• Feature-rich mobile VoIP / MSN service in daily life
• Cost effective, field proven compatibility, and stability
• Supports Mobile Internet Access and Email
• Windows Messenger / Media Player support
• Graphical display backlight LCD
• Up to 300K mega pixel camera
• Mini-SD expansion slot support
• Standby time: 50 hours; talking time: 3.5 hours
VoIP Features
• SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261), SDP (RFC 2327) compliant
• Built-in Contacts / Phone book
• Call logging / History support
• Caller ID display and Speed Dial support
• Call Hold / Transfer / Forward / Waiting