Philips SS211P Answering Machine User Manual

A true 2 in 1 SMS phone
At the cutting egde of creative technology
The Zenia 300 offers the guarantee of having an exclusive product at home since not
everyone can treat themselves to the most sophisticated design and most integral,
extensive series of features.
Multi-pack for ultimate convenience
Use 2 handsets in separate rooms to transmit noises
Conference call shares a conversation on several handsets
Free intercom - Free internal calls between handsets
Experience best sound quality
Hands-free Duplex communication for a natural conversation
Polyphonic ringtones for a more natural and realistic sound
Maximize your messaging experience
Text messaging (SMS) for short messages over a fixed line
Eatoni predictive text entry simplifies writing SMS messages
Create several SMS mail boxes that can be PIN-code protected
Benefit from easy-to-use technology
LCD screen with backlighting for convenience in the dark
Fast forward message tracking and pause of messages
Pilot key & carousel menu navigates in a menu-in-cycle form
Cordless phone answer