Philips SCD589 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Guaranteed zero interference
With DECT digital technology
This digital technology provides a secured, private connection, because you want to be
the only one listening to your baby. Automatically chooses an unused channel and
switches as it detects another device using the same channel.
Complete peace of mind
Remotely monitor the baby's room temperature.
Guarantees zero interference from any other device
Indicates a continuous connection between the two units.
Provides the ability to allow you to talk back to the baby
Uses lights to indicate if the baby makes noise.
Ultimate mobility in and around the house
Travel pouch protects units while travelling.
The neck cord provides hands-free convenience and mobility.
Rechargeable parent unit for minimum 24 hours of monitoring.
Small, mobile parent unit to freely roam around the house.
300M range ensures secure reception in and around the house.
Soothing words
Comforts the baby in the dark with soothing stars
Five lullabies soothe baby to sleep
DECT baby monitor