Philips DECT5253S Cordless Telephone User Manual

Cordless phone answer machine
Specifications Product highlights
Display colours: Black and White
Display technology: Liquid Crystal Display
Main Display Resolution: 108x65 pixel
Backlight colour: Blue
Base station ringers: Instrumental, Polyphonic,
Recordable melody, Melody download
Handset ringers: Instrumental, Polyphonic,
Melody download
Volume Control: Volume Control up/down
Alarms: Alarm Clock, Night Mode
Base Station keys: Answering machine keys, Paging
Battery charging indication
Call Management: Call Waiting, Caller ID,
Conference Call, Explicit Call Transfer,
Microphone mute
Ease of Use: Hands free mode, Keypad Lock,
Menu Control, Graphical User Interface
Function: Babysit function
Multi base capability: 4
Multi handset capability: Up to 6 handsets
Signal strength indication
Text input: Eatoni
VIP group with own melody: Yes, 3 groups
Memory Capacity
Name & number shared phonebook: 250 names
and numbers
SMS storage capacity: 60
Call log entries: 40
Answering Machine
Plug & Play Answering machine
Recording time capacity: 15 min
VIP outgoing message
Call screening
Answerphone remote access
Handset dimensions: 135 x 47 x 28 mm
Battery type: AAA
Battery Type: NiMH
Kind of Battery: Rechargeable
Mains power: AC 220-240V - 50Hz
Number of batteries: 2
Talk time: 15 hours
Standby time: 300 hours
Network Features
Antenna: Integrated on base, Integrated on
Dialling: Tone, Pulse
Messaging: SMS (Short Message Service)
Green Specifications
Green Flagship
Issue date 2007-12-07
Version: 3.0
12 NC: 9961 400 04885
EAN: 87 10895 90686 9
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Plug & Play pack - 3 handsets
A convenient Plug & Play phone package including a base
and 3 handsets.
Free intercom
No need to stop what you are doing and go to give the
handset to your son when his friend calls: you can freely
and easily call the handset in his bedroom and transfer
the call.
Base and handset TAM control
Just look at the base station to know instantly whether
you have received any messages. Listening or deleting
messages then become as simple as pressing one key on
the base station - for those who never remember where
they left their handset.
Specific Outgoing Messages
When you're away or do not wish to be disturbed you
15-minute recording time
250-name-and-number phonebook
No need to try learning the phone numbers of your
friends and family. By assigning a name to a number, you
only have to search for the name and the number
automatically comes with it.
300-hours standby autonomy
Leave your handset off the base for more than 12 days
without the need to recharge it. This contributes to make
a very environment friendly device.
60-SMS memory
Keep traces of the messages you receive. Thanks to the
large onboard storage capacity, you do not need to erase
precious messages anymore.
Ringtone download
This function offers the possibility to personalise your
phone by downloading ringtones. Simply call the
dedicated service provider and select your favourite song.
An SMS is sent to you, together with the attached melody.
You can select this melody as you would any other
ringtones (country and network dependent).
VIP function
Identify who's calling by the ringtone! The VIP icons and
melodies indicate to which group in the phonebook the
caller belongs. Phonebook entries can be divided in
different VIP groups for which you can allocate a specific
Personal SMS Boxes
With a personal SMS box, you are assured that nobody
except you will read your messages. Your box is protected
by a pin-code that you define.