Philips DECT5112L Cordless Telephone User Manual

The smart choice
Reliable quality coupled with practical features: this classic design with its modern touch
makes the DECT511 really special.
Light up your calls
Display for numbers, letters, icons and drawings
LCD screen with backlighting for convenience in the dark
Maximize your messaging experience
Download ringtones from dedicated sites
Text messaging (SMS) for short messages over a fixed line
Eatoni predictive text entry simplifies writing SMS messages
Benefit from easy-to-use technology
•Alarm clock
Lock your keypad to avoid hitting the wrong keys
Pilot key & carousel menu navigates in a menu-in-cycle form
Screen incoming call and mute the ringer for more control
Multi-pack for ultimate convenience
Use 2 handsets in separate rooms to transmit noises
Conference call shares a conversation on several handsets
Cordless telephone