Philips DECT2251G/37 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Philips NiMH batteries are composed of non-toxic materials
and are functionally superior to NiCD. You enjoy exceptional
performance and responsible, environmentally friendly use.
IMPORTANT: Be sure replacement battery is the same size,
shape, voltage and polarity as the one you are replacing.
Charge for 16 hours before first use.
Philips: CD4401B/37, CD4402B/37,
CD4450B/37, CD4451B/37, CD4452B/37,
CD6451B/37, CD6452B/37, ID9370B/37,
ID9371B/37, SE7450B/37, SE7451B/37,
SE7452B/37, XL3401B/37, XL3402B/37,
DECT2211G/37, DECT2250G/37,
DECT2251G/37, DECT2252G/37,