Philips 6510 Cordless Telephone User Manual

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ONIS Memo 6510 / 6511 The ONIS Memo is a DECT/GAP
digital cordless telephone
answering machine offering world-
beating talk and standby times,
exceptional sound quality and
range, and innovative features in
an elegant, easy-to-use design.
ONIS 6816 extra handset
ONIS Memo 6510 main features
l Listen-in loudspeaker on handset
l Memo answerphone
Ÿ 12 minutes high quality (24 kbits/s)
Ÿ High quality audio
Ÿ Date and time stamping
Ÿ Local message recording
Ÿ Answer-only or answer & record
Ÿ All controls from handset
Ÿ Remote control via phone line
Ÿ Call filtering on Handset
l Baby monitor function (with 2 handsets)
l 14 hours talk time**
8+ days (195 hours) standby time**
1 month standby time in powersave mode**
l GAP certified
l Standard batteries: 2 AA/LR6 NiCd/NiMH*
l No external antenna on base or handset
l Light, slimline ergonomic handset: 162 g / 175 cc
l Up to 6 handsets with one base
l Up to 4 bases for one handset
l 10 character scrolling alphanumeric LCD display l
Easy-to-use menus
l 40 name & number phonebook
l Chain dialling from phonebook
l Stand-up handset and 2-position charging
l Call duration display
l Call cost display*
l Dialling preparation with correction
l Last number redial
l Automatic dialling pause
l PABX compatible
l Pulse or tone dialling*
l Flash Recall*
l Adjustable base and handset ringer volume
l Adjustable earpiece and loudspeaker volume
l Free handset-to-handset calls
l Call transfer between handsets
l Auto base search (off-line)
l Three ringing melodies for handset and base
l Base and handset ringer on/off
ONIS Memo 6511 main features
l All Onis Memo 6510 features l Caller Identification* (CLIP) / Call Waiting* (CW)
l 20-entry CLIP Call Log*
ONIS 6816 extra handset plus charger
l All Onis Memo handset features l Desk or wall mountable charger