Panasonic KX-TG2238S Cordless Telephone User Manual

03.5.26 5:34 PM KX-TG2238S
This document is a text description of the control panel layout for the product listed below.
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Model Number KX-TG2238S
2.4 GHz Digital Cordless Phone
With the handset buttons facing you, you will find the antenna. It is the narrow, 2.8-inch long
protrusion at the top right. To the top left of the handset is the ringer indicator. Just below the top of
the front of the handset is a shallow oval concave. This is the earpiece. The smooth surface below the
earpiece is the display.
Below the display are two soft keys. Each soft key is used to select the function shown on the
display directly above it.
Below the soft keys, in the center of the handset, is a concave key called the Navigator key. The
Navigator key also works as a volume key.
To the left of the Navigator key, is an oval button called the TALK button with a “nib”. The TALK
button is also the Channel button.
To the right of the Navigator key, is an oval button called the OFF button.
The OFF button has a ridge in the center.
To the lower right of the Navigator Key, is the small oval MENU button. To the lower left of the
Navigator Key, is a small oval called the Speakerphone button. The Speakerphone button is also the
Channel button.
Below these buttons is the telephone keypad, which is laid out in the conventional telephone
arrangement, with a “nib” on the 5 button. Immediately below the keypad are three thin buttons. The
left-most button is the FLASH or the CALL WAIT button. The middle one is the REDIAL button.
The right-most button is the MUTE button.