Nortel Networks 6.1 Telephone User Manual

24 / Getting started with Norstar
Compact ICS 6.1 System Coordinator Guide P0603544 02
A map for working in programming
The programming maps on page 25, page 26, and page 27 show
the headings you see when you move through the display menu
after pressing and entering the
password (the default password is or
). The maps show you the menu choices.
A Basic password can be used with a limited number of feature
codes, including and the codes for turning call
services on and off. For more information, see ‘‘Using
passwords’’ on page 225.
Customize the many features used by telephones.
You can change where a call is forwarded, give a
telephone a name, or allow certain features to be
used at a telephone.
Program names for each line.
Turn services on or off. These are Ringing service,
(often called night service) that allows additional
telephones to ring, Restriction service that blocks
certain kinds of calls and Routing Service that
decides what lines a call uses.
Program up to 255 different telephone numbers so
that people in your office can dial them with a
three-digit code.
Change the password you use for programming,
or erase a Call log password.
Change the time, date, or both.
Change the settings for the System Answer that
handles the overflow when the attendant set is
busy, and Custom Call Routing (CCR) that gives a
caller a choice of where to direct their call.
Sys speed dial
System prgrming