Nortel Networks 6120 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Safety information
Do not rely on a cordless handset in emergencies.
the vicinity of electrical detonators
Never use your handset in:
shielded rooms
areas where radio transmission is forbidden
water, moisture, or damp areas
Do not place your handset near:
heat sources, direct sunlight, or unventilated areas
devices that generate strong magnetic fields
areas with excessive dust, shock, or temperature
WLAN 6120 and 6140 Handsets
For details on the features of these handsets, refer to
the Nortel WLAN 6120 and 6140 Handset User
Panel 1, front coverPanel 4, back cover
Panel 3, Inside back coverPanel 2, Inside front cover
Language: English
Final size: 7.5cm x 8.5cm closed, 15.0cm x 8.5cm open
Format: 4 panel fanfold
Fonts supplied:
Author & coordinator:
Design & production:
WLAN Handset 6120 and 6140
Quick Reference Card
Handset off
Keypad lock
Keypad unlock
Terminating a call
Making an
internal call
Making an
external call
Select a line
Dial a number
Answering a call
Place a call on hold
Resume a held call
Hang up
Adjust speaker volume
Adjusting ring volume
Mute while ringing
Display additional
Change profile
Turn on backlight
Answering a call on
second line
Press End
Press Cfg + 1
Press Cfg + Unlk
Press FCN + Mute
Press End
Press Start, wait for dial tone,
dial extension
Press Start, wait for dial tone,
dial number
Press Line, number key
corresponding to line
At dial tone, press phone
Press Start, hold earpiece to
your ear
Press Fcn + Hold
Place first call on hold,
press Line, then line #
Line, line number key
Press End
Press Volume Up/Down
Press Volume Up/Down
Press Spkr
Press End to silence the ring
Press Actv to display features
and available softkeys
Press any key
Nav keys to scroll, Enter
to select
Press End
Handset on
Date: May 2007
Document Release: Standard 01.01
Document Number: NN43150-101
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