Nortel Networks 1120E IP Phone User Manual

The award-winning Nortel IP Phone
1120E with Gigabit Ethernet unveils an
exciting array of innovative communica-
tion features and capabilities with the
intermediate-level desktop IP Phone.
Ideally suited for office workers and
administrative personnel, the four-line
Nortel IP Phone 1120E supports presenta-
tion of data and Web-centric applications
on its high-resolution graphical display.
Application navigation is flexible, with the
use of standard USB mice and keyboards
as supported from the phone’s integrated
USB port. Combined with robust and
tightly linked communications features
from Nortel Communication Servers, the
Nortel IP Phone 1120E is positioned to
meet both today’s and tomorrow’s
communications needs.
Key features and benefits
> Multi-line IP Phone supports four
line/programmable feature keys, 14 fixed
keys and four soft-label keys
> High-resolution, backlit, graphical, pixel-
based display, combined with a flexible
five-position adjustable footstand place-
ment, optimizes viewing in varied lighting
> Four-way navigation cluster with new
“Enter/Send” key maximizes user choice
and flexibility in navigation
> Integrated USB port powers standard USB
mice and keyboards, providing input and
navigation options for application interac-
tion and simpler menu selection
> Integrated 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
switch with LAN and PC ports reduces
costs, enabling a single cable drop to
support both the phone and a collocated PC
> Supports Gigabit Ethernet, positioning the
phone’s internal switch to accommodate
growing multimedia-intensive, PC-based
applications, thus aligning with investment
made at the wiring closet
> Supports 802.3af standard-based PoE
and local AC power via power adapter
> Secure Tools Menu offers local access
to configuration, diagnostic and user
preference options
> Supports customized data and Web-based
applications via external application
servers, enriching users’ experience with
advanced multimedia interaction
> Tight linkage with Nortel Communication
Servers offers rich suite of reliable, quality-
based telephony communications features
> Added convenience and time savings with
field upgradeable firmware using Trivial
File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) or for sites
requiring enhanced secure firmware
upgrades: UNIStim File Transfer
Protocol (UFTP)
Technical Specification
Nortel IP Phone 1120E
Intermediate-level IP Phone brings innovative features to desktop communications and application access
IP Phone 1120E
UNIStim FTP (UFTP) support is Nortel
Communication Server dependent.