Miele KM 5987 Cooktop User Manual

This cooktop complies with all
applicable safety laws and
regulations. However, improper use
can result in personal injury and
material damage.
Before using the cooktop for the first
time, carefully read the Instructions
for installation and operation.
These operating instructions contain
important information on the safety,
installation, operation, and care of
your appliance. Reading the
instructions will help reduce the risk
of personal injury or damage to the
Keep them in a safe place and pass
them on to any future user.
Proper use
Only use the cooktop for household
use, and for the purposes described in
this manual.
Other uses are not allowed and can be
possibly dangerous. The manufacturer
will not be held liable for damage
caused by unauthorized use or
improper operation of any kind.
Individuals who are incapable of
using the cooktop safely, because of
physical, sensory or mental
limitations,or a lack of experience or
knowledge, should not use this
appliance without supervision or
instruction by a responsible person.
Important safety instructions